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How long does the Chrome Splash effect last in Fortnite?

Chrome Splash, introduced to the game in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4, gives players the Chrome Splash effect when used. When the item first appeared in the trailer, it caused quite a stir in the community. Players couldn’t wait to get their hands on it and use it in-game.

Fast forward to the end of Chapter 3 and it’s safe to say that most gamers are fed up with Chrome Splash. Despite millions of players using the item for so many days, most don’t know how long it lasts.

Chrome splash effect wears off (Image via Epic Games)
Chrome splash effect wears off (Image via Epic Games)

It’s not uncommon for players to sprint across the island as a Chrome Blob, only to revert to human form and fail to reach a safe zone. In some of these scenarios, players are eliminated due to fire and fall damage. Here’s a quick look at how long the Chrome Splash effect lasts in Fortnite.

The Chrome Splash effect lasts about 40 seconds in Fortnite

According to rough calculations, the chrome splash effect lasts about 40 seconds after the item is used. Before the effect wears off, the player’s character will start pulsing for five seconds beforehand. This is the final warning to players to end their daring escapades and get back on solid ground.

As previously mentioned, it’s not uncommon for players to fall and take damage or be set on fire by enemies when the item wears off. Most don’t know when the item’s effect ends and are vulnerable to damage. However, it is not possible for everyone to keep track of how long the effect lasts.

fireproof!  (Image via Epic Games)
fireproof! (Image via Epic Games)

For this reason, most experienced players use Chrome Splash every now and then while spinning or in combat. Since the item heals both players and inorganic objects, it comes in handy during a fierce firefight.

Additionally, since players can farm the item by destroying Chrome consumed items, there is no need to use it sparingly. With a little planning and execution, entire stacks of Chrome Splash can be collected in just a few seconds. With that in mind, it might be time to say goodbye to this mysterious substance.

Chrome Splash will most likely be vaulted at the start of Fortnite Chapter 4

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With Fortnite Chapter 4 a little over a week away, these could be the last few days for players to experience the Chrome Splash effect in BR mode. Because the item was part of the seasonal theme, it doesn’t fit into the next phase of the storyline. While this assumption may prove wrong, it is highly unlikely.

As seen in the past, each item/weapon unique to a season will be held after the season ends. Epic Games will follow this trend due to the need to keep the loot pool fresh for each new section of the storyline.

Nonetheless, Chrome Splash will be added to Creative once Chapter 4 is in full swing. Last but not least, players can remember the good times and use Chrome Splash effect in their creative cards.

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