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How do I fill the Temessence Ampoule and what is the best way to use it?

The Temessence Vial in Temtem is one of the most important items that players will have on their journey. Given the game’s closeness to the popular Pokemon series, many items in Crema’s release share similar mechanics.

Temtem feels similar to Pokemon in its core mechanics, and the developers have previously explained their inspiration from Nintendo. Players will embark on a similar journey in the Airborne Archipelago as they explore different environments. The ultimate task is pretty much the same – tame the monsters, breed them and fight other players.

The game offers more than just exploration as players can trade and fight with other players. Before players can achieve that, they must expand their roster to defeat their opponents. The Temessence Vial helps players save time while completing their adventures. It also allows players to save important in-game resources that can be used on other items.

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The Temessence Vial in Temtem makes progression much easier, saving players time and energy

In Temtem, monsters lose HP and may even faint if they lose all health. This mechanism works in the same way as in Pokemon. In the case of Pokémon, players can use revives and full heals to restore HP. Temessence Phial does something similar in Crema’s title, which is extremely useful.

Unlocking the item is straightforward and players can quickly incorporate it into the game. Observing the effect of the item, it’s easy to understand why it is so coveted by players.

With its help, players can restore the HP of all fallen Termtems. It even restores the HP of a monster that has passed out and lost all of its HP. It fully restores HP and saves players a lot of time.

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Filling a Temessence ampoule is a relatively easy task. Players can do this at any temporium or mini emporium scattered across the map. It will be easy for a player to find one since they are usually available on the outdoor map.

Without the item, players will have to travel back and forth around town to ensure their Temtem are at full health at all times. For starters, this could be problematic for many reasons as it slows down progress. Players can also lose a lot of progress if they are in a long battle sequence and lose at the last point.

What is the best way to use Temessence Phiale in Temtem?

Players can always use the item once it’s filled, but there are reasonable ways to spend it. A crucial time to use is when players are not on Pansuns. Using the vial prevents players from gaining healing items and saving in-game currency.

In general, Panuns can be difficult to obtain and can become a problem if a player spends them uselessly.

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It’s also best to fill the vial before a series of tough NPC battles. You will need the vial to fill out between battles. It would also be very helpful to store it for fights in hard-to-reach areas.

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