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How do Fortnite skin generators work? A look inside the banned software

Fortnite skin generators have been around for a while, or at least in concept. Since skins are so popular in the game, users have tried their best to get them for free. Some have even turned to using skin changers in Fortnite to swap out cosmetics.

However, players are always in search of rare skins and willing to try and get them at any cost. This is where Fortnite skin generators take center stage. The software allegedly allows users to generate any number of skins on their Epic Games account for free.

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While the idea of ​​being able to generate skins on a whim is certainly intriguing, it doesn’t exist at all. This banned software is nothing but a myth used by scammers to trick unsuspecting users into revealing their account details unknowingly.

While there are tons of videos on social media showing “working” skin generators, none of them do what they claim to do. Most lead to either a dead end or a potential scam. However, they don’t exist and yet many claim to have found software that works.

However, one has to wonder how people get hold of such elusive software. Is it a secret project overseen by Epic Games, or is there some forbidden knowledge shared by a higher power? This article will explore the world of Fortnite skin generators.

Getting Fortnite skin generators is easier than you can imagine

Getting Fortnite skin generators is a fairly easy task. While one might imagine this software being sold or mentioned in hushed tones on the dark web, that is far from the truth. Users openly promote and endorse the use of this software on forums like Reddit.

However, unlike the Aimbot software for Fortnite that was once openly sold on r/FortniteHacks, there doesn’t seem to be a single place where Fortnite skin generators are available. While there are a few posts dedicated to the software, these are mostly scattered across individual accounts and subreddits.

Too much reading and none of it worth the time (Image via Reddit)
Too much reading and none of it worth the time (Image via Reddit)

Most have been dormant for a long time, others have had the thread archived. However, there are some that are still active. For example, a user named (redacted) posted links for users to get Fortnite skin generators for free. The following was written in the post:

“Free Fortnite Skins Generator Free. Generate thousands of free Fortnite skins every day? All devices support our new Fortnite hack tool. We call it Free Fortnite Skins Generator. Do you know how to get free Fortnite skins ?Read on and we’ll show you how.”

As most readers can tell, it’s a bunch of Malarkey. The long description is used to lure and attract users who would do anything to get free skins. Even the mention of the word “hack” will not be enough to stop those tempted enough to go through with the process. Unfortunately the link provided in the post does nothing.

One of the many alleged Fortnite skin generators (Image via Redacted)
One of the many alleged Fortnite skin generators (Image via Redacted)

Despite choosing an epic looking skin and entering the username as requested, nothing happened. Even after waiting a few minutes, no free skin was sent to the locker. It almost seems like the software isn’t working as intended, huh.

However, as luck would have it, there are many more sites that work. Although the site name is not disclosed, here are some screenshots of the process:

Step 1: Ignore security protocols

This is the first big red flag for users to be aware of (Image via Redacted)
This is the first big red flag for users to be aware of (Image via Redacted)

As readers may have noticed, the website has been flagged and marked as dangerous. The browser denies users access to the page at all times and gives reasons for doing so, unless it has been manually allowed. However, it can be bypassed manually. Once done, the next page will appear.

Step 2: Choose a skin

These skins can never be acquired in-game as they were exclusive (Image via Redacted)
These skins can never be acquired in-game as they were exclusive (Image via Redacted)

Since the skins shown on the page are not available in-game, this forms the basis of the scam/phishing attempt. Users seeing this will feel the urge to select a skin and click the claim button (please don’t).

Step 3: Verification failed

This is not a real review point (image via redacted)
This is not a real review point (image via redacted)

Once the claim button is pressed, the site allegedly fails to connect to the user’s Epic Games account. It then throws out random messages asking players to manually verify their accounts. Pressing the yellow bar takes users to the next page.

Step 4: No free skins

End of the road for the phishing attempt (image via redacted)
End of the road for the phishing attempt (image via redacted)

When you reach the end of the line and click on the huge black bar, a login prompt should appear asking for personal information. Unfortunately, the browser was redirected to another website. This is where the trail goes cold and the quest for working Fortnite skin generators ends.

However, it is best not to enter any personal information on websites like this one or even try to access similar websites. In fact, every website associated with Epic Games for collaborations or events is mentioned on their blog.

The most recent example is: https://letthemknow.fortnite.com/en-US/

Although Epic Games is not mentioned in the URL, it was published on the official blog page. So players can be sure that it is not a scam or phishing attempt.

Malware, Trojans and possible bank fraud

PSA: Visiting websites or clicking on links claiming “free” Vbucks or in-game items is unsafe. The official Fortnite website is Fortnite.com. Protect your account information and DO NOT trust ANY third party websites with your account information!epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US…

While Fortnite skin generators may be real in an alternate reality within the confines of the metaverse, they do not exist in real life. Entering personal information on such sites risks users being hacked or, worse, having their credit card details stolen.

The account will then be taken over and the user will shortly lose control over it. In many cases, such accounts are sold on private Discord channels that offer discounted V-Bucks and redeem codes.

If users are lucky, they might be able to regain access to their accounts with two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled. This gives them a second chance, but for the unfortunate loopers who haven’t activated them yet, their chances of regaining control of the account are slim to zero.


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With all that said, it’s best not to search the internet for Fortnite skin generators. Such a thing doesn’t exist, and even if it does, it’s not associated with Epic Games. There are numerous risks and dangers.

The only “legal” way to get skins in-game is to either buy them from the item shop or have friends gift them to you. Redeem codes can also be used to obtain them. Few skins like Chrome Punk can be earned by completing challenges, while others can be won by participating in specific events.

All said and done, no matter who says it, there are no actual Fortnite skin generators. While some websites allow players to create random locker combinations for skins, they cannot be transferred in-game.

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