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How Broken Moon compares to Olympus and Storm Point

Apex LegendsThe latest map, Broken Moon, is a return to basics in many ways and is quite different from the previous maps. The map was presented to the public at the beginning of November Apex Legends‘ Season 15 update that not only added a new map, but also a new defensive Legend, Catalyst.

Broken Moon is the fourth map change in Apex Legends History that began with Kings Canyon in 2019. Every few seasons, Respawn Entertainment introduced a new core map into the rotation. previous Apex Legends‘ Season 15 and Broken Moon, Apex Legends included Storm Point in Season 11 and before that Olympus which was introduced in Season 7. Both of the previous maps have unique map features not found on Broken Moon, but the new map also has a trick up its sleeve: a new travel mechanic called Zip-Rails.


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Broken Moon’s layout is simpler

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Both Olympus and Storm Point have unique map layouts that require a little more in-depth knowledge of the map, especially for good rotations. The layout on Broken Moon is very standardized and almost mirrored. This means that new players will have an easier time picking a drop location and rotating if needed. Even hard circular movements are no problem as the map offers very standard paths to and from POIs. Teams aren’t likely to get stuck in too much lateral movement as there’s nothing maze-like in the layout.

The default layout also means that dropzones and initial looting are divided into sections a little more than others Apex Legends Cards. Broken Moon has 16 separate high-tier POIs, two of which are giant, double-sized POIs: Terraformer and Perpetual Core. All high tier loot locations are separate from each other. This means that by avoiding the two largest POIs, the team can have a fairly smooth start to the game. Early battles between two high-tier POIs probably won’t happen with the same regularity as on the previous two maps.

While Broken Moon is a large map – the second largest yet – it is slightly smaller than Storm Point. This will make it less scattered, which in particular increases the likelihood of finding important confrontations during the game. Teams can therefore be eliminated organically, avoiding more often chaotic and often somewhat random later circle fights. Elevation differences are less pronounced on Broken Moon, which can make combat between teams more even and fair.

Zip rails instead of tridents and gravity cannons

Apex Legends Broken Moon Poi

Broken Moon only has one unique map feature, the Zip Rail, and there aren’t many quirky features present on other maps. However, unlike Prowlers and Spiders on Storm Point, Broken Moon’s Zip Rail makes a massive difference in gameplay. Zip Rail is essentially a fusion of zip lines and trains. The Zip Rail network covers the entire map with access points at each POI and between POIs.

Like Storm Point, Broken Moon only has a jump tower, but also lacks gravity cannons to speed up rotation. With Gravity Cannons or Tridents from Olympus not available on Broken Moon, teams have to rely more on Zip Rails and movement-enhancing Legends like Pathfinder or Apex Legends‘ Flying recon soldier Valkyrie. Broken Moon also focuses more on standard looting methods, as Olympus’ loot MRVNs or Storm Point’s IMC Armories aren’t available.

While third partying is still a valid tactic, especially around the Perpetual Core or Terraformer, newcomers to the game can avoid the most outrageous forms of it by picking edge locations on Broken Moon. Thanks to the simple layout and the lack of extremely fast travel with jump towers, early fights are usually fairer and looting is allowed more. Teams that choose to join as a third party with Zip Rails are very vulnerable to incoming fire.

Apex Legends is now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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