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High Praise for Rian Johnson’s New TV Show Might Make You Get Peacock

Early Reviews of Rian Johnson’s Latest Crime Story, poker face, give praise to the project. Johnson is best known for his film directing work Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi, knife outand Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. The popular filmmaker also has television experience, including as a director breaking Bad Episode of the fifth season “Ozymandias”. Following the glass onionFollowing his success, his next project is a similarly themed mystery comedy show poker facewhat stars Russian dollStarring Natasha Lyonne. poker face will premiere on Peacock on January 26 with four episodes.


Huge praise for Rian Johnson’s new TV show bodes well for the upcoming streaming series. First reviews rain down poker face as one of the best Peacock original series yet, while supporting the performance of lead actress Natasha Lyonne. The show has also been described as clever, skillful, and highly addictive. Check out some spoiler-free examples of what reviewers are saying about the highly anticipated poker face series below.

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Ferdosa, ScreenRant

“Poker face will no doubt be a hit with Johnson and Lyonne fans. They’re a dynamic duo and they really get what it takes to have fun with a tried and true genre. Even more impressive is the ability to create fascinating worlds with interesting characters. Peacock has a winner on his hands poker face.”

Daniel D’Addario, diversity

“Certainly one of the strongest series ever released on Peacock, this streaming drama feels like the best kind of classic TV spread out comfortably. This elegant series of mystery stories gives an established star the time and space to crack a new kind of case on how to develop a familiar personality and take fans on the journey.”

linda holmes, NPR

“Right from the start it’s no secret that the new series poker face is a throwback to an earlier era of television — too columbo, particularly. The opening titles are even reminiscent of the yellow columbo Font. And while it may not be immediately obvious that Natasha Lyonne is the Peter Falk of her generation, after a few episodes you’ll believe it.”

cairn james, BBC

“Columbo is his main touchstone, and like his inspiration, Poker Face is smart, simple, and escapist fun. But as he did in character-driven crime films Knives Out and Glass Onion, Johnson designed this show with a shrewd sense of how to give nostalgia an update. His return to murder-of-the-week shows works perfectly today, although the chaotic hero played by Peter Falk is now a raspy-voiced heroine with wild hair and a cell phone.”

Charles Pulliam Moore, The edge

“The deeper you go poker face‘s 10-episode-long season, the more recognizable some of its plot patterns become, and watching too many episodes in a row can make it feel a bit more formulaic than Johnson intended. But because Lyonne and every single one of poker faceThe featured players of clearly have so much fun playing those oversized roles in the back of the room that it’s hard not to get sucked into the madness of the show and feel like those are the kinds of things to be might make people think about signing up for Peacock.”

Alan Sepinwall, Rolling Stone

“That is, because shows like poker face have become so rare – or at least ones so well executed – that they risk being wildly overrated. As with any episodic drama, some episodes are stronger than others, especially in the opening sequences without Lyonne.”

ben travers, indie wire

“All that star power (with Lyonne at the helm) is enough to guarantee that ‘Poker Face’ will at least be an entertaining diversion. But when the once-sharp dialogues become dull, the gameplay spirit fades and the episodes fall back to overall viable puzzle-solving, it’s hard to shake the feeling that Poker Face isn’t as good as it could have been.”

daniel cooper, Engadget

“Tonal, poker face is breezy despite its harsh world, and there’s often a killer joke in every episode. As much as some episodes may hail from a darker palette, none come close to being “heavy”. It’s also not afraid to be a little silly, but I’d spoil the fun if I explained how or why it is, so you’ll have to discover that part for yourself.

David Nemetz, TV line

“Johnson, fresh out of the hit Netflix movie glass onion, leads the premiere, and his camera dances with nimble pans and zooms. The scripts are a hard-nosed throwback, peppered with terse threats and wry humor, but Charlie plays the scathing, skeptical fly in the ointment, almost like a modern-day time traveler finding himself in a ’70s crime drama.

darren francich, Weekly entertainment

“Charlie always works for the gig that requires the least amount of ID. So the flashbacks are also social extensions that reveal criminals and victims from an entry-level perspective. For all poker face‘s pop history could be defined by absences. Here’s a detective with no home, no gun, no phone, no supporting cast, with a past to escape from and a doomed future. Damn good hand, I’m all in.”

What is Poker Face all about?

Natasha Lyonne as smiling Charlie in the Poker Face trailer

poker face‘s Obvious brilliance is another big win for Rian Johnson in his growing personal backlog of compelling crime stories. Johnson is recognized as an established storyteller who brings a unique vision to the films and shows he produces. Natasha Lyonne has also become a television star due to her Emmy-nominated performances on the dark comedy series Russian doll. Johnson also praised last year’s Netflix show, which eventually led to his and Lyonne’s collaboration. Based on first reviews, poker face appears to be a throwback project, with Johnson’s show following Lyonne’s Charlie.

Lyonne plays Charlie Cale, who can tell when someone is lying. Throughout her journey, she uses her unique abilities to solve case-by-case puzzles that come her way. She is not dissimilar knife out‘s Benoit Blanc, which Johnson also brought to life with a witty flair. In particular, both Blanc and Charlie share an interest in investigating cases using their talents. Also, the synopsis for the poker face Premiere episode reveals that Charlie is a casino cocktail waitress determined to find answers to any mysterious event – even if it puts her life in jeopardy. That seems to be the weekly theme, with new characters appearing to keep things fresh.

Poker Face proves that Rian Johnson is the new Mystery Master

Everyone from Glass Onion A Knives Out Mystery takes a look at Blanc

The incredibly positive reviews for poker face Find out again that Johnson is the new secret master. Although there were concerns poker face would be a knife out Rehash, the reviews don’t raise many concerns about the series being too similar to Johnson’s films. That’s another positive sign, as the new series has been described as a fresh throwback. Johnson’s alleged future with war of stars may still be on the back burner, but with the back-to-back releases of Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery and poker face, it’s clear the director has blazed his own trail of storytelling. It looks like poker face will only extend Rian Johnson’s winning streak.

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