Hickory Head Football Coach Joe Glass spent some time with HighSchoolOT to provide an outlook on the upcoming 2023 season. The Red Tornados are bringing back many key starters from a playoff team and had a strong JV roster a year ago.

Coach Joe Glass Hickory high school coach, lots of talent coming back from last season, also a really good JV team. Um, how far do you think things are going in spring? I mean we’re doing fine so far. Our children work hard. They, they shopped, um, you know, they, they get everything we got ours, we have a bunch of kids that play multiple sports. So we have baseball, lacrosse, and, uh, track and field going. So we are, I mean, we are, we’re an average of 30 for gifted kids on Saturday mornings from 9 to 11. So last weekend we had 28, so almost 30. So, I mean, the kids are doing great, um, you know , are here. We have 15 linemen every day, you know, we do that on Mondays and Wednesdays and they’re mostly college kids. So, um, you know, I, I, I can’t complain. You’re doing everything I’ve asked of myself. So, um, a lot of starts back from really good JB teams at varsity. You were part of many different teams. Lots of good teams. Um, where is this? I’ve never had a team that I think can be so talented when they’re so young. Um, you know, having some good teams, you know, I inherited some too, but, you know, this, this group here, you know, you, uh, this, the group of sophomores that we have that got through are a special group. Um, and then add the kids we have will be the seniors next year. You know, we, we’re looking for big things and have big expectations of, um, what’s going to be the main focus from now until the end of the off-season by August, what do you want to be different? Um, you know, I just want our kids to just keep getting better, uh, you know, they, they, they’ve been improving steadily all this time, you know how, right now I’m doing an interview with you and me can see through the window and no kids messing around they do whatever they have to do and they lift and you know we don’t want them to be robots but we also want them to understand the grind and do what you have to do. You know, just the maturation process from sophomore to junior, that’s going to be our biggest thing, that maturity and can we get a slap on the mouth and, uh, take something negative and, and not fall apart, you know, and, you know , your seniors are usually able to do that, but often your undergrads aren’t. So, I think that’s going to be big for us. Um, you know, and, and I, I don’t think, I don’t really think there’s anything else I’m more concerned about than just this maturing process with our kids. In order. Uh, last question, tell me about Brady, your quarterback. Uh, he had an interesting season last year. We broke our collarbones and in those couple of games but he’s an impressive player when he’s healthy. Yes. Uh, I mean, he’s fun to watch. Like I said, he, uh, uh, I’ve never had a quarterback that when we come out, we, we’re not even done, cleaned up. He already called and told us you know what he did wrong in the game. He’s already gone home and watched a movie. Um, I’m open from 6:30 am, he’s always here because he’s, uh, one of those AP kids. Um, he’s probably one of the most locked-in players I’ve had, top to bottom, at any time. Um, you know, he’s just a funny boy who enjoys watching him throw the ball. Um Smart I think the kids believe in him and follow him and you know and he he’s just like I said he’s going to be fun to watch this year. All right, Coach, estimate the time. Uh, good luck this off-season. Good luck for next season. Thank you very much.


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