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Here’s how to use your favorite games to celebrate the FIFA World Cup

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you almost certainly know that the FIFA World Cup 2022 is currently underway. This time it’s taking place in Qatar and hundreds of millions of football fans have already tuned in to watch the action as it unfolds. If you are looking celebrate the World Cup In your own way, some of the most popular gaming platforms have launched events or published special packages to commemorate this magical Contest.

From PUBG to Fortnite and from Rocket League to Modern Warfare 2, many developers are actively capitalizing on the hype this creates the football world cup. It’s a good deal at the end of the day because statistically it is most popular sporting event in world history, and every time it goes live, it attracts more than a billion viewers.

So if you are a) a player and b) eager to celebrate the FIFA World Cup, Here’s how you can do it.

Celebrate FIFA World Cup by playing games

It was recently reported that Neymar Jr. was caught playing CSGO between matches at the FIFA World Cup. It was already fairly well known that the Brazilian superstar is a fan of the highest-rated esports title, especially after his tweets targeting the recent IEM Rio Major:

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