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Here’s how to make the most of Amazon Prime Day

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Here’s how you can snag great deals and save.

Important points

  • Amazon Prime Day takes place on July 12th and 13th.
  • During this time, buyers could see numerous offers dropping – but they may not all be easy to snag.

It’s fair to say that Amazon Prime Day is the most anticipated shopping event of the year. This year, the two-day event is scheduled for July 12-13, and over the course of those 48 hours, consumers will have the opportunity to bag hundreds of items, from toys to clothing and electronics.

Ideally, you’ll have money saved before Prime Day so you can take advantage of these great deals without going into debt. (If not, you might have to skip Prime Day this year.) But making it big on Prime Day might also require the right strategy. Here’s how to make the most of those bargains once they start rolling.

1. Do your research beforehand

You might have some big items you want to snag on Prime Day. If so, do yourself a favor and research them ahead of time. This way you can see if the advertised prices are really a bargain.

It’s also worth seeing what other retailers are charging ahead of Prime Day for the same or similar items. This way you can do a quick comparison and know if you should trade or fold on a deal.

2. Sign up for notifications

A big part of Prime Day is Amazon’s lightning deals. Think of these deals the same way Black Friday Doorbuster does. The savings are usually significant, but the amounts are usually very limited. So if you don’t act quickly on a lightning deal, you could end up losing.

Well, when you have an actual day job to do, you might not have the option of sitting there staring at your laptop screen and waiting for deals to close. But what you can Sign up for notifications with the Amazon app or Alexa. This way you can be notified when certain items you want go on sale.

Remember that if you miss a Lightning Deal, you can sign up for the waitlist. Many consumers may have added a Lightning Deal item to their shopping cart and need time to think about that purchase. If some choose not to complete it, the item will be released and those on the waitlist will get first place.

3. Use the correct credit card

You don’t need to be an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card holder to shop on Prime Day. But it’s worth using that credit card if you have it, or applying quickly if you don’t have one.

Typically, this card gives users 5% off Amazon purchases. But on Prime Day you can snag 1% more cash back for a total of 6%. It’s a nice way to offset the cost of your purchases.

Although some people will tell you that Prime Day is overrated, the reality is probably like that will are savings you can reap. Use these tips to make the right purchases, don’t miss out on deals, and snag some great credit card rewards along the way.

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