Here’s how often to clean and replace your shower curtain

A shower curtain does the important job of preventing water from splashing into your bathroom while still looking good. But being a workhorse has its downsides and that shower curtain can get pretty gross fast. That raises a big question: how often should you clean and replace your shower curtain? Experts say it’s a lot more common than people think.

Swap out one of these beauties to brighten up your bathroom.  (Photo: Amazon)

Swap out one of these beauties to brighten up your bathroom. (Photo: Amazon)

Choosing a shower curtain is a big deal: it adds an overall vibe to your bathroom. Once you’ve decided on a curtain, it makes sense to stick with it for a while. But really, you should replace your shower curtain every six to 12 months, says Dr. Shaan Waqar, an allergist and immunologist at ENT and Allergy Associates, told Yahoo Life. The reason? mold growth.

“Mold is most commonly found in warm, humid places,” he explains. “Basements or poorly ventilated bathrooms can have high levels of humidity and become problematic areas for mold growth in the home. Mold can build up on your shower curtain over time.”

Because of this, cleaning your shower curtain regularly is crucial, says Dr. Evan Li, assistant professor of medicine in immunology, allergy and rheumatology at Baylor College of Medicine, told Yahoo Life. Every curtain is a little different and it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions – some can be thrown in the wash while others will need to be hand washed.

Either way, it’s a good idea to wash your shower curtain every two to four weeks, says Wagar. If your shower curtain is white and you notice mold, Li suggests spraying your curtain with a 5% bleach solution “at the first sign of mold” to control the growth.

Why is washing and bleaching so important? “If you let mold grow out of control, it can nest in the curtain, making eradication impossible,” says Li.

Mold spores are tiny and not all mold is visible – so it’s important to wash your shower curtain regularly to try to keep up with the growth.

Another thing that can help? Invest in a shower curtain insert. This will prevent water from splashing directly onto your shower curtain where it can encourage mold growth. This shower curtain insert from LiBa is a big hit on Amazon:


This shower curtain is sheer so it will complement any decor. It’s available in a variety of sizes including 72″ x 72″ (which is currently on sale!). The waterproof liner effortlessly keeps splashes and splashes from your shower from getting onto your bathroom floor.

$12 at Amazon

Has it been a minute – or even at all – since you changed your shower curtain? Consider investing in one of these to reduce the risk of mold exposure. (While you’re at it, read how often you need to clean your pillows.)


This best-selling shower curtain ticks all the boxes. It’s made from a textured waffle weave for a luxurious feel and comes in a range of pretty colors so you can find a curtain to suit almost any decor. It also has a weighted hem to keep it in place and features a fabric that repels water, oil and stains.

$17 at Amazon

“The material has a ‘waffle’ texture. It is not transparent and [is] pretty thick,” shared one Five-Star fan. “The hems are narrow and neatly finished.”

“I was expecting cheaper quality for the price I paid but honestly it’s very thick,” said one satisfied customer. “It fits perfectly in my tiny bathroom and it comes with the hooks which I highly recommend because they are ‘closed’ and this prevents the curtain from coming loose if you ever open it or close it a little too forcefully . “


Made from a polyester blend, this is technically a shower curtain liner designed to look like a shower curtain. It features a waterproof coating that gives it a soft feel while repelling water. Magnets at the bottom add weight and prevent your curtain from billowing while you fluff. Choose from one of 17 color options.

$12 at Amazon

“I love the fabric and that it’s washable,” shared one fan. “I like that it’s a complete shower curtain that doesn’t require a liner.”


This floral shower curtain is an absolute mood enhancer thanks to its pretty motif. It features a minimalist floral print on waterproof fabric to help slow mold growth. Choose from a range of sizes to suit your bathroom. And if florals aren’t your thing, consider the brand’s other patterns including ivy, a nightscape and more.

$22 at Amazon

Said one happy customer, “This is the perfect shower curtain to liven up my rather plain bathroom!” The fabric is beautifully silky and feels soft.”

The reviews cited above reflect the latest versions at the time of publication.

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