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Here you can stream the movie The Bob’s Burgers

Fire up the grill and prepare your best burger puns. The Bob’s Burgers Movie Heading to the US on July 12, after Hulu and HBO Max. We sense plenty of themed parties when the big screen adventure of the fun burger-spinning family takes over your home theater. Since theaters everywhere have been boiling up in late May, the Belcher’s first full-length story has been lauded by critics, including Collider’s own movie lover, Ross Bonaimeyou can see his review here.

Just like in the episodes of the quirky and hilarious TV show, The Bob’s Burgers Movie revolves around the dire luck of the Belcher family and the efforts they make to smooth things over and get back to business. This time, a burst water pipe has created a gigantic hole preventing customers from getting their burger of the day. Bob (H.Jon Benjamin) and Linda (John Roberts) try whatever ideas they can think of to get customers in the doors and asses in the booths.


As with any good Bob’s burger Storyline, the Belcher children, Louise (Kristen Schall), gene (Eugene Mirman) and Tine (Dan Minz) are on their own quest for a case that could be the missing piece of the puzzle to solve their family’s tragedy. At the heart of it all is a tight-knit entity that cares deeply about each other and sticks together to solve any problem that arises. There are also musical numbers, since a Bob’s burger based function without being?!

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Along with the Belcher, the Loren Bouchard and Bernhard Derrimann Staged animated film will feature the familiar faces and voices of characters like Teddy (Larry Murphy), Felix Fischoeder (Zach Galifianakis), Calvin Fischoder (Kevin Cline), Grover Fischöder (David Wain), Fanny (Jordan Peele), Darryl (Aziz Ansari), Tammy (Jenny Slate) and many more. Bouchard co-wrote the screenplay and musical numbers Nora Schmidtwho have both been connected to the wacky world of the Belcher’s since the show’s debut season in 2011. Both also produce on the side Janelle mom.

If you live outside of the US, fear not, as the film will be making its rounds in Canada, Europe, and several other countries via Hulu later in July. It will also appear in Latin America under Star+ as well as Disney+. That’s all to say there will be plenty of opportunities for a global one The Bob’s Burgers Movie Takeover Watch Party.

Prepare to shake your butts and laugh until your ribs hurt The Bob’s Burgers Movie launches July 12 on Hulu. In the meantime, you can listen to the song “Sunny Side Up Summer” below:

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