Here are the most crypto obsessed celebrities

Monday, July 04, 2022 3:49 p.m

Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is officially the most crypto-obsessed celebrity, new research has revealed.

American entrepreneur and TV personality Mark Cuban is the top celebrity talking about cryptocurrency and blockchain on Twitter, with a total of 124 crypto, blockchain and NFT-related tweets.

It’s NFTs he yells about the most, with 49 out of 124 tweets talking about non-fungible tokens.

Mark Cuban is also the celebrity who tweets the most specifically about bitcoin and cryptocurrency, with 63 crypto-related tweets from him.

The Traders of Crypto study analyzed the Twitter accounts of a number of crypto-supporting celebrities to find out which ones talk about cryptocurrencies the most and which ones have the largest audiences and engagement.

The most vocal crypto celebrities on Twitter are:

rank celebrity Total number of crypto, blockchain and NFT related tweets
1 Mark Cuban 124
2 Paris Hilton 84
3 Nayib Bukele 58
4 Snoop Dogg 45
5 Soulja boy 35

Socialite Paris Hilton ranks second when it comes to celebrities tweeting the most about crypto and blockchain content, with a total of 84 tweets on the topic. 69 out of 84 of her crypto tweets were about NFTs, making her the most celebrity in our ranking to have tweeted about NFTs.

Lionel Messi is the crypto-backing celebrity with the largest audience with more than 320 million followers on Instagram. Messi signed a $20 million deal to boost digital fan token company in March so followers can expect to see lots of crypto content on his profile.

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian ranks second in the list of crypto celebrities with the largest audiences with 302 million Instagram followers.

The crypto celebrities with the largest audiences are:

rank celebrity Instagram followers
1 Lionel Messi 320 million
2 Kim Kardashian 302 million
3 Snoop Dogg 72.6 million
4 Charlie D’Amelio 48 million
5 Floyd Mayweather 27.9 million
6 Reese Witherspoon 27.6 million
7 Paris Hilton 18.5 million
8th mike tyson 18.2 million
9 Jamie Foxx 14.2 million
10 Tom Brady 11.9 million

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