‘He was like a deserted lover’ – The American tennis legend exposes rival John McEnroe’s jealousy over a silly move from Indian Wells with Bjorn Borg

Jimmy Connors, the eight-time Grand Slam champion, is still making it big after retiring from tennis. Jimmy gives his fans a little insight into the world of professional tennis and its most intimate moments on his Advantage Connors podcast. Moments fans wouldn’t have access to, players they wouldn’t really get to know without these interesting conversations. Recently Connors invited Bjorn Borg to his podcast and of course the two had a great time. One of the topics that came up during the show was McEnroe’s recent reaction to a picture of Borg and Connors.

Borg shares the funny story of John McEnroe’s hilarious reaction when he saw a picture of his friend Borg and longtime rival Jimmy Connors on Instagram. Previously, Borg said when he posted the picture, someone had predicted McEnroe would react this way. Recalling McEnroe walked straight into the trap, he calls it a “fun day,” mimicking McEnroe’s reaction.

John McEnroe is the “Lovers Abandoned,” isn’t he?


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The picture was clicked in Indian Wells, where the two tennis legends met. Upon meeting, they clicked on an amazing picture where they agreed they look amazing. In no time at all, Borg’s wife Patricia posted the picture on Instagram. During the post, she said McEnroe might have something to say. And what happened next is, in Borg’s words, a better story than we can ever tell!

When he tells Jimmy about the picture he says: “That was a great picture. You took a picture of you and me. We look great! And my wife Patricia put it on Instagram. It was good. People were like, ‘Wow, Jimmy and everything.’ And Patricia says something like, “John McEnroe will call and give his opinion on our picture.” Two hours later John called me – what a fun day!”

He pretends to mimic John’s voice as he says: “What the hell are you doing with Jimmy Connors?”


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Borg asks McEnroe to relax and tells him: “Listen, Jimmy’s a good friend, maybe he’s not as good a friend to you as he is to me.” Jimmy cuts in when he comments, “OMG he was like a let down lover”.


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8 months ago


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McEnroe and Jimmy Connors have a longstanding rivalry that tennis fans thoroughly enjoy. Or maybe that’s because the two are oddly similar when it comes to unapologetically bold comments and dishing out brutal honesty from time to time. Whatever it is, courtesy of Connor’s podcast and Borg’s candor, we now have on our hands another great story that tennis enthusiasts will cherish as a hilarious reminder!

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