Hawlucha will be a regional Pokémon exclusive to Mexico; This is how the Rising Heroes season begins

Mexico is represented in Pokemon Go! As a regional creature, Hawlucha will be a Pokemon exclusive to Mexico, hence it can only be found in the wild in Aztec lands. And the best thing is that we can find the fighting Pokemon from Wednesday March 1st.

This information was revealed through a press event where Niantic showed the first details of the new season. Rising Heroes. The Hawlucha announcement was quite special as there will be several special surprises for the Mexican players such as: Poster with augmented reality inspired by the arrival of Hawlucha in the streets of CDMX, Guadalajara and Monterreyand distributing masks of said Pokémon for in-person events.

Scan the QR code to celebrate the arrival of Hawlucha

“Also, this new season has a very special surprise in store for Mexican Trainers as they will have the opportunity to capture Hawlucha, which will only appear in the wild in Mexico. This Pokémon’s design is inspired by Mexican wrestling and features a signature move called the “Flying Plank” as a tribute to the sport.

To celebrate this milestone, Pokémon GO will be holding a special temporary on-site research very soon. To participate, Trainers must visit a PokéStop in Mexico and choose their fighting style wisely, be it middleweight, lightweight, or heavyweight; because depending on that choice, they have the option of meeting Scrafty, Machamp, or Hariyama and capturing one of them, among other rewards.”

Next to, Niantic advises that we will be conducting a temporary and exclusive special investigation of the regionwhere we can find our style of combat… entirely consistent with the type of Pokemon that is Hawlucha.

Rising Heroes in Pokemon Go

Rising Heroes It’s the new season of Pokémon Go that sees the return of “Elite Raids,” a type of challenging Raid Battle that pits Trainers against one another in person. Therefore, Trainers can challenge raid bosses Regieleki and Regidrago for the chance to catch these Legendary Pokémon this season.

“The Rising Heroes season is very special as it brings many surprises and news with the debut of Hawlucha, especially for Mexico. Additionally, we’re personally very excited and proud of the exclusive release of this new Pokémon in our country, since Mexico is the birthplace of wrestling, and we hope that the trainer community will embrace it as much as we do. With that in mind, we invite the coaches from Mexico City, Monterrey, and Guadalajara to find and scan the Hawlucha posters.” said Alan Mandujano, head of Latin America at Niantic

The Regidrago raid takes place on March 11th, while the Reigieleki raid takes place on April 9th.

Who is Hawlucha?

Hawlucha is a Fighting/Flying Pokémon native to the Kalos region. It’s an eagle type with colors and personality inspired by Mexican fighters. Ash Ketchum caught a Hawlucha in the season X&Y and he finished second to Kalos with him on his team.

Here’s what the Pokédex says about Hawlucha:

“He finishes off his opponents gracefully, jumping agilely with the help of his wings. It’s a technique he’s perfecting in his home forest.”

Ash has a Hawlucha and finished second behind Kalos

Rising Heroesthe new season of Pokemon Gostarts on March 1st.


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