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For some, February is a time to celebrate love and Valentine’s Day. But for those with a darker heart, it also means horror is in the air.

The second annual Creep IE Con ​​Horror Convention returns to the Ontario Convention Center on February 4-5 and is expected to draw thousands of horror fans coming out to meet celebrities, go through pop-up hangouts and all Possible spooky and spooky things to buy unique goods from vendors.

The convention is also one of the first of several horror and Halloween themed events to be held throughout 2023 as they are no longer limited to the months of September and October. Horror is now a year-round business in Southern California, fueled by die-hard fans whose spooky celebrations aren’t dictated by a calendar.

“There’s a really cool segment of the convention world and that’s the horror world. It has absolutely rabid fans who really enjoy everything about horror culture,” said Brian Boget, co-founder of Creep IE Con.

“You have so many passionate people attending superhero conventions and comic book conventions, and now these are branching out into very passionate people who love horror,” he added. “Horror conventions have been around for a while but now they’re gaining popularity quickly and it’s a very different scene and it’s really cool.”

Creep IE brings together horror movie stars including the cast of the “Terrifier” films, with actor David Howard Thornton, who portrays Art the Clown in the films, appearing in full costume at the convention on February 4th. Other celebrities scheduled to be there include Skeet Ulrich and Jamie Kennedy, who appeared together in Wes Craven’s 1996 slasher Scream; Ryan Hurst and Tom Payne from The Walking Dead; Bill Mosley and Walter Phelan of House of 1000 Corpses; Devon Sawa from Final Destination and Hunter Hunter; and Richard Brake and Matthew Patrick Davis from the 2022 horror film Barbarian.

Creep IE will also host hundreds of vendors selling all manner of collectibles and artwork, as well as a Fear Farm-produced walk-through haunt, a horror props museum, and since it’s coming up just before Valentine’s Day, it’s a horror speed dating session for the planned weekend.

“We thought February would be a perfect time for this, it’s a week before Valentine’s Day and the Super Bowl, it’s con season starting earlier and people now want to celebrate Halloween and the spooky season all year long,” Boget said.


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