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Gwyneth Paltrow writes about aging and learning to ‘accept’ her body ahead of her 50th birthday.

Gwyneth Paltrow has a big milestone birthday ahead of her and she has recently been reflecting on her life so far.

The actress and businesswoman, who turns 50 on September 27, posted a black and white photo to Instagram of herself wearing a bikini as she joyfully leaps into the sky with her arms raised high above a lot of grass.

“Reflecting on a milestone,” she captioned the photo, which led followers to a touching post she penned for Goop titled “On Approaching 50.”

In the post, she reflected on everything from remembering her parents’ 50th birthday to how she physically and mentally feels as she ages.

“My body, a map of the evidence of all days, is less timeless,” Paltrow wrote. “A collection of marks and irregularities that dog-ears the chapters. Scars from furnace fires, a finger smashed in a window long ago, the birth of a child. Silver hair and fine lines. The sun left its heavenly fingerprints all over me, as if it had dipped a brush in dark taupe and sprinkled it over my skin. And as I do everything I can to strive for good health and long life, stave off weakening muscles and bone loss, I have a mantra to tune into those reckless thoughts that try to throw me off track: I accept, I accept the spots and the peeling skin, the wrinkles, I accept my body and let go of the need to be perfect, to look perfect, to defy gravity, to defy logic, to defy humanity. I accept my humanity.”

Paltrow, who shares her two children, Apple, 18, and Moses, 16, with ex-husband Chris Martin, has been vocal about her experiences with aging and body image in the past, telling People in 2021, “For me, while as I go through the aging process and really start it, I realize that it’s less about, ‘Oh, I have this wrinkle, am I going to fix it or not?’ and more: “Do I feel alive?”

She also made headlines in 2018 when she posted videos about the early stages of menopause. “I can feel the hormonal changes,” she said. “Sweating, the moods, you’re just suddenly angry for no reason.”

The National Institute on Aging states that menopause is “a normal part of aging for women.”

“Some women don’t struggle with menopausal symptoms and may even feel relieved when they no longer have to worry about painful periods or pregnancy,” it says. “For other women, the transition to menopause can bring on hot flashes, trouble sleeping, painful sex, moodiness and irritability, depression, or a combination of these symptoms.”

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