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Grinberg: Good news from SCIF!| Worker Compensation News

Through Gregory Grinberg

Monday, 09/19/2022 | 0

Who’s ready for good news?

Gregory Grinberg

Gregory Grinberg

Your humble blogger has some good news to share, but also some not-so-great news.

The bad news first – plans were in the works to completely do away with the paid subscription for the blog and make it free for everyone. Unfortunately, despite attending the CAJPA with the best of intentions, your humble blogger’s move to bet all his money on black at the roulette wheel didn’t pay off. Unfortunately, my dear readers must continue to subsidize my grandiose lifestyle with their monthly payments.

Now for the good news!

SCIF reports that its opioid prescription reduction program is a resounding success: 82% reduction since 2014! The plan appears to focus on educating physicians and staff, reducing first-time opioid prescriptions to a few days at a time, and reviewing peer prescriptions.

Despite all outward appearances and the oath taken before the California Bar, your humble blogger is not only an attorney but a human being who is delighted that a concerted effort has lessened the suffering – the real suffering – of injured workers. Avoidance of addiction and return to a productive life as victory conditions.

But for those of us who have heart upgraded to Abaci and who are primarily focused on having a pool of gold coins not unlike Scrooge McDuck, there’s good news for you too!

Less opioid abuse means lower medical treatment costs, shorter TD times, less compensable psyche, depression and suicidal claims, and of course a more successful return to productive work. Like the kids used to say: win-freakin’-win!

We don’t often get good news in this industry. Your humble blogger very rarely does this as the files that land on their desk are not the ones that are going well, but rather the ones that need remedial action, or fraud is suspected, or the worst-case scenario seems likely and a humble blogger- magic might just help improve the outlook. My prospects will of course be rather bleak.

Opioid abuse is a plague on this country and our worker compensation system, and your humble blogger commends SCIF for its efforts to alleviate the symptoms.

Gregory Grinberg is a Managing Partner of Gale, Sutow & Associates’ SF Bay South practice and a board-certified worker’s compensation law practitioner. This post was reprinted with permission from Grinberg’s WCDefenseCA blog.

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