GoFundMe established to help ‘The Challenge’ star Nelson Thomas with medical expenses after horrific car accident; His MTV Co-Stars Donate Thousands of Dollars – The Ashley’s Reality Roundup

“Sending you all a big hug from Nelly T!”

Nelson Thomas‘ buddies out The challenge And are you the one step up to fund his recovery.

A lot of MTV Stars have donated thousands of dollars to help Nelson get back on his feet after Nelson was involved in a horrific car accident last week. As The Ashley As previously reported, Nelson was pulled from his burning car by an NFL star KJ Osborn and three others who happened to drive by at the time of Nelson’s accident.

A GoFundMe was set up to help Nelson recover financially after multiple surgeries. As of press time, the campaign has raised over $37,000 for Nelson of his $200,000 goal, thanks largely to generous donations from Nelson’s Challenge and Are You The One?. castmates.

“Just over a week ago our dear friend Nelson Thomas saw his life flash before his eyes in a horrific car accident,” reads the fundraiser’s bio. “He’s so grateful for the amount of love he’s already received in such a short amount of time. From his “Challenge” buddies to family to wonderful friends, he feels so much love.

“That accident left him pretty beat up along with a totaled car. He has had multiple surgeries including reconstructive surgery on his leg where he now has plates and screws.”

The fundraiser organizers asked fans to pray for Nelson and told those who would like to make a financial contribution how to do so.

“This will be used for medical bills and other necessities to aid in his recovery. It’s going to be a long road to recovery, but his spirits are high. Thank you all for your love and kindness,” the bio read.

At the time of going to press, are you the one star Zak Longo (who appeared on Season 3 of “AYTO?” with Nelson) had made the top donation of $5,000. Challenge Vets Jonna Mannion Stephens And Jordan way Each donated $1,200 to Nelson, along with other ‘Challenge’ stars such as Tori deal And Nuri Mateos pledged $1,000 each. Other donations came from Nelson’s co-stars Amanda Garcia, Veronica Portillo, Darrell Taylor, Wes Bergman And Nia Moore.

Self Olivia Kaiser – who Nelson claimed “broke his heart” when she put him in a “friend zone” after the “Ride or Dies” season – she pledged $500 to help Nelson’s recovery.

When your MTV friends come over for you…

In a video posted to social media, Wes asked fans to help Nelson.

“We all know that Nelson was involved in a very horrible car accident and he just shared one GoFundMe side,” Wes says in the video. “I just donated and I hope you all consider donating. If you can’t, no worries, no pressure, but I’m really proud when the ‘Challenge’ community comes together and helps in situations like this.

“Of course, as you can imagine, what he’s going through is incredibly expensive,” Wes continued. “Any amount will help alleviate some of the struggle. I just wanted to say that I have many positive thoughts for my friend Nelson. I am very proud of him.”

Nelson revealed in a recent Instagram post that he doesn’t have health insurance. “Challenge” Actor, Britni Thornton, clarified the insurance situation for cast members, writing: “We are fully insured during FILMING. This insurance does not apply outside of filming.”

(This is standard on almost every reality show, since the contestants are considered “independent contractors” and not employees of MTV or the production company.)

Nelson thanked his friends and fans for their donations on Wednesday.

“Thanks Joe and Britt for starting GoFundMe I’ve been in the hospital for 10 days so far,” he wrote. “I hope to get out soon. My recovery will be my biggest test yet. Thank you everyone for the overwhelming support and concern. I am so thankful for my friends and family.”

Donate to Nelson GoFundMe Click here.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; Twitter; GoFundMe)

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