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Gerard Butler’s action film ties release date on commemoration weekend

The film will premiere this May.

Open Road has discontinued Gerard Butler‘s action movie Kandahar for Memorial Day weekend. The function is directed by Ric Roman Waugh from a screenplay he co-wrote Mitchell La Fortune. The film reunites the acting and directing duo previously working on feature films such as angel has fallen and Greenland.

The film follows Butler as undercover CIA agent Tom Harris, stuck deep in enemy territory in Afghanistan. As his mission is revealed, he must fight his way through, dodging enemy elite troops and foreign spies, to an extraction point. The feature film was shot in the AlUla region of Saudi Arabia, a location perfectly suited for the setting of the intense new thriller.

What also sets the feature apart from other films in the genre is LaFortune’s own personal experience as a military intelligence officer working during the chaos of the Snowden leaks. Given this personal experience, the film will offer a very unique perspective on the firestorm that happened in 2013 amid Edward Snowden’s intelligence leaks. Speaking of feature film, Waugh previously said in an official statement:

“What made Mitch LaFortune’s visceral script so compelling and unique to me is its authenticity and how he humanizes not just our heroes but all of the characters portrayed in a region caught in a perpetual cycle of violence.”

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TIED TOGETHER: Gerard Butler-directed action thriller Kandahar is set to hit theaters in 2023

The film will also be cast alongside Butler hometown and legion star Navid Negahban, viking star Travis Fimmel and Bollywood stars Ali Fasal (Victoria and Abdul, Death on the Niel), and Elnaaz Norouzi (Netflix’s holy games). Butler is currently hovering over the success of his latest action film level, directed by Jean Francois Richet. With talent behind and in front of the camera and a sensitive yet action-packed script, the film is a truly unique entry into the action thriller genre.

Last year, Open Road Films acquired the US rights to the action thriller in a whopping eight-figure deal. Thomas Ortenberg of Open Road Films said at the time: “Kandahar is an adrenaline ride for the big screen. Gerry, Ric, the G-BASE team and Thunder Road have outdone themselves with this vibrant actioner that our team aims to bring to audiences everywhere.” The feature is produced by Basil Ivanyk, Brendon Boyea, Erika LeeServant, Alan Siegel, Christian Mercury, Ali Jafarand Scott LaStaiti.

Kandahar will premiere in theaters on May 26, Memorial Day weekend. You can check out the summary below:

In Kandahar, Tom Harris (Gerard Butler), an undercover CIA agent, finds himself stuck deep in enemy territory in Afghanistan. With his mission uncovered, he must fight his way to an extraction point in Kandahar alongside his Afghan translator while avoiding elite enemy troops and foreign spies tasked with hunting them down.


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