Fourteen years after his death, George Carlin (who would be 85 if he were still alive) is perhaps more culturally relevant than ever, and he’s “back” with another posthumous HBO comedy special. Seven years after retiring from Late Night, David Letterman has more credibility than anyone when it comes to bringing the cutting edge of the zeitgeist to his Netflix interview show. Yes, we hear it all the time – streaming is a thing for young people, but Sissy Spacek, 72, and JK Simmons, 67, co-direct an Amazon Prime Video original sci-fi series, while Angelyne, another seventy-year-old, Who built her own The brand, redesigned from the ground up in the 1980s with bold pink bimbo chic, is the subject of a Peacock biopic. Here’s what’s upstream:

Angelyne (peacock, May 19)

This five episode miniseries tells the story of the real-life blonde Barbie doll who rose to fame in 1980’s Los Angeles with a series of provocative billboards featuring herself and her signature curvy figure. Being famous to be famous isn’t a long reach these days, but more than 30 years ago it was a novelty that made this drama a bit of a Paris Hilton and the Kardashian origin story. The series with Emmy Rossum (shameless), based on a 2017 The Hollywood Reporter Article about Angelyne (Renee Goldberg). According to an official synopsis, the series will explore “fame, identity, survival, billboards, corvettes, lingerie, men, women, women teasing men, men obsessed with women, West Hollywood, crystal, UFOs, and most importantly, the self- proclaimed Rorschach test in pink, glow-in-the-dark queen of universe Angelyne.”

The Photographer: Murder in Pinamar (Netflix, May 19)

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