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Genshin Impact fans react to the official Cadillac car design that rewards 20,000 Primogems

James Busby

Released: 2022-09-23T15:46:34

updated: 2022-09-23T15:46:54

An official Kazuha and Beidou Genshin Impact Cadillac car has been announced through HoYoverse, rewarding travelers with 20,000 Primogems for each purchase.

Video game crossover events are hardly new, but Genshin Impact has taken it a step further with the official release of its very own Cadillac car design. The developers have teamed up with the US-based luxury automaker and introduced Beidou and Kazuha themed Cadillacs.

Not only do both characters have their own splash art proudly displayed on the car, but they also feature their signature color scheme. More interestingly, however, HoYoverse is also giving buyers 20,000 Primogems and other in-game goodies to encourage travelers looking to add these limited-edition cars to their collection.

Genshin Impact fans react to Cadillac car design

When it comes to in-game crossover events, the world of Genshin Impact has been pretty limited. At the time of writing there was the release of Alloy from the Horizon Zero Dawn series and the KFC glider. While the in-game crossovers haven’t really wowed fans just yet, the IRL Genshin crossovers continue to wow fans.

The latest issue blowing fans away is The Lightning Thunder Emerges the Impressive Journey Begins, an official Genshin x Cadillac promotion. The promo features wandering samurai, Kaedahara Kazuha, and Crux fleet captain, Beidou.

While these luxury cars are only available in China, that hasn’t stopped western fans from sharing their thoughts on the crossover. “20,000 Primos is not nearly enough”, said one player. “And only 100,000 mora? I can do this in about five minutes from Farming Tops. I love the cars and I would probably want to buy one but bump it up to a million primos and ten million mora. As for the starter boxes, double or triple them.”

Many fans were keen to point out that 20,000 Primogems doesn’t even get you a 5-star character rolling on Genshin Impact’s current banners, while others wanted to highlight how hilarious the Primogem giveaway is.

“Hey Babe, can we buy the Genshin Impact Cadillac Collab Car with a Kazuha decal on the side so we can earn 20,000 Primogems?”

There’s certainly no denying the impact HoYoverse’s free-to-play has had on the market, and we’ll likely see more of the team’s true crossovers in the years to come.

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