Gaming marketing company Livewire is partnering with VADR Media’s Checkmate

Livewire has partnered with Checkmate, an online competitive chess platform.

Australian-based gaming marketing and gametech company Livewire today announced a new partnership with VADR Media’s Checkmate, an online chess platform specializing in the production and broadcast of online tournaments for an estimated 700 million active online chess players concentrated around the world.

Livewire will function as part of Checkmate’s commercial arm to represent its online and broadcast assets to brands and agencies, and will enable Checkmate to leverage its proprietary game tech stack to deliver programmatic in-game advertising and create custom brand integration solutions.

After the pandemic lockdowns and the release of the Netflix hit mini-series The Queen’s Gambit (2020), chess’s popularity has increased significantly, especially among women. In addition to the growth of traditional esports, its ability to conduct international competitions remotely without delay creates a platform for brands to advertise to a highly engaged user base. Similar to gaming, chess is popular with players in the 18-34 age group and is underpinned by a strong presence in schools due to its association with STEM and recognition as a sport by the International Olympic Committee.

Livewire Co-Founders and Co-CEOs Brad Manuel and Indy Khabra said, “The Livewire team is excited to partner with VADR Media and Checkmate. They have an established track record of bringing new media to market, from pay-per-view to esports, sports and esports governance, and successfully driving audience growth. Checkmate’s platform and broadcast capability, coupled with Livewire’s gametech offering and industry expertise, will be critical to brands and complement our already broad inventory offering.”

A new initiative by VADR Media, Checkmate is a skill-based platform that allows users to compete against each other to win cash, credits, crypto and non-cash rewards. It is VADR Media’s second major game in gaming and eSports following its recent exit from Let’s Play Live [LPL]Australasia’s largest linear and online sports channel and platform established in 2016.

John McRae, Managing Director of VADR said, “LPL has been a great stepping stone for Checkmate, following our first pay-per-view and linear sports and music events in the market. We built the region’s first dedicated direct-to-tv and online eSports broadcasting studio and partnered with major networks and media companies to grow eSports in Australia and New Zealand. The combination of Livewire and Checkmates’ growing global footprint and our complementary expertise in esports and media technology makes it a winning partnership.”

Checkmate recently announced its exclusive long-term partnerships with the Asian Chess Federation and the Arab Esports Federation, covering a combined 80 countries across Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Oceania. These partnerships position Checkmate as their exclusive broadcast, data, online tournament and Web3+ partner and offer stakeholders and partners the opportunity to plan long-term campaigns and community engagement rather than one-off events.

A key motivator for these parties was Checkmate’s esports-first-web3 approach to chess for a new generation of gamers, made possible by its proprietary AI Gaze tracking anti-cheat solution and extensive integrity program. This competitive and technical advantage was developed and secured prior to the recent explosive headlines and allegations of cheating in elite level chess.

Since launching in 2021, Livewire has opened offices in Australia, Asia, the DACH markets (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), North America and India. The global company has a growing list of exclusive partnerships in ANZ and APAC for in-game advertising media, representing over 55 billion impressions on the Livewire Ad Marketplace. These include Activision Blizzard Media (Candy Crush), AudioMob, the top 200 games and experiences in Roblox, and AAA programmatic advertising in APAC in Xbox and PlayStation games.

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