Functions for using animations in games

Each of us, at least once in our life, sat down to play a game with good graphics, well-designed characters and other elements. Animations in games help a lot with this.

It helps create a unique and inimitable gaming experience. With its help, you can convey moods, emotions, actions of characters and much more. Therefore, in this article, we are going to talk more about video game animation.

Creating animation is a very difficult process that requires skills and abilities. It all starts when the specialist starts developing the staff or facility. After that, the creation of keyframes is carried out, with the help of which the character can perform the main movements in the game.

Then it comes to intermediate frames. With their help, we add smoothness and naturalness to our objects or heroes. In addition, specialists often use animation curves to achieve smoothness and organicity.

There is a lot of work and effort behind these processes, which requires time and expertise. Therefore, creating game animations is not an easy and slow process.

Platform, arcade and RPG games with mainly 2D characters in a 2D world are usually made with 2D animation. To give the impression of movement, the 2D animation consists of a series of frames that change rapidly one after the other.

Sprites used to animate backgrounds, objects, and characters can also be part of 2D animation. Super Mario and Terraria are among the games with 2D animation.

Games with 3D graphics in FPS, racing, simulation and RPG genres are also produced with 3D animation. 3D objects are modeled for 3D animation, after which they are animated and interact with each other in 3D space.

Techniques like skeletal animation, morphing, particle animation, and physical effects are used in 3D animation. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Grand Theft Auto V and Minecraft are some games with 3D animation.

What animations are used in modern games?

Modern games use various technologies to make animations more realistic and detailed. This can include using motion capture, where the animation is based on the actual movements of the characters, or using CGI to create animations with a high level of detail.

In general, animation is an important element in the gambling industry and using it can make the game more attractive and exciting.

In fact, it all depends on the game. As a rule, you can use different types of animations, for example 2d or 3d. Frame animation is one of the most common types of animation. The bottom line is that a special sequence of images is used that creates the illusion of movement.

Most professionals prefer the skeleton animation. With its help, you can achieve smoother and more natural character movements in the game. Here we use the skeleton, made up of bones and joints, with the help of which our character’s movements are created.

The main advantage of this technique is the ability to create more complex movements such as combat jumps or running.

If you want to create facial animations and expressions, you should use morphing. It is only used for this. And if you want to add realism to the game, various effects are used here, such as: e.g. smoke, fire, etc.

How do I choose the right animation for the game?

As already mentioned, the type of animation depends on the game, more precisely on its genre and style. Based on this, the best solution is selected.

The key to quality animations in the game is their implementation. You need to find good specialists who will perform it at a high level. The animation should be well designed and consistent with the concept of the game.


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