Fresh War So Confused: LazarBeam shares the insane Fortnite trick that earned him a Victory Royale without moving a muscle

Content creators have established their strength in the Fortnite space. There are many prominent personalities like Ninja, SypherPK and many others creating content for the popular battle royale game. And many of these creators have taken to creating some unique videos for their Metaverse fans. This unique content has gained a lot of popularity and increased the following of these creators.

Among those was an angle that went quite viral in the past when LazarBeam used a trick to win a Victory Royale without moving a muscle.

LazarBeam’s trick that earned him a win in Fortnite


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Lannan Neville Eacott, popularly known as LazarBeam, was one of the most prominent professional players in the esports industry. Its content is adored by fans. Fortnite is one of the top titles he enjoys playing. His battle royale game content is quite unique and once he surprised his fans by winning a match without even moving a muscle in the game.

On Logan Paul’s IMPAULSIVE podcast, LazarBeam spoke about how he did it. To achieve this, he wanted to have a top player in his game. This player had to be someone they know and who will win the match with their skill level and mechanics.

LazarBeam chose Fresh as its target. Obviously he would be his ideal pick as Fresh played a few walls away.

LazarBeam managed to jump into the game that Fresh also had and managed to hide in the circle until the end of the game. Fresh, on the other hand, slaughtered the enemies. As the match drew to a close, only the two of them remained in the circle.

Lazar pulled a crazy trick that would surely have infuriated his fellow friend. He went to Fresh’s PC and unplugged it. You heard me right! He literally pulled the plug, causing Fresh to lose its connection to the game.


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about 1 month ago

This trick finally helped LazarBeam to his unique Victory Royale. This was a crazy and memorable moment for his fans too.

Fans are reminiscing about the golden days


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LazarBeam, speaking about it on Logan Paul’s show, sent waves of memories bubbling back to fans. They have been seen commenting on the good old days of Fortnite and how much they miss them right now.

Fans also made hilarious digs regarding Fresh and Lazarbeam, as the former is always referred to as the latter’s son.


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Do you remember this iconic moment? Mention some other crazy tricks your favorite players have pulled in Fortnite under the comments below.


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