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Fortnite’s 3 Best Creative XP Cards: Get Battle Stars and Battle Pass Tiers Fast

Fortnite Creative XP Maps

It’s been barely a week since Chapter 3 Season 4 went live, but what seems to be drawing the crowds is Fortnite’s creative mode. Creative Mode lets you play on some really interesting, community-made maps. In most cases, these maps offer many custom game modes that offer everyone a different experience than the standard battle royale.

Some of these Fortnite Creative cards offer bonus XP and, in some rare cases, a working method to gain XP while AFK. Many maps boast of giving you tons of XP in a matter of minutes, but some of them don’t seem to work. However, there are some maps that actually work, and you can gain XP on these maps by doing absolutely nothing. Here are our top 3 Fortnite Creative XP map picks for you to explore.

Top 3 Fortnite Creative XP Maps

Before moving on to the cards that can help you bag some extra XP, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you must load into a private lobby. You can do this by clicking the button just above the big yellow “PLAY” button in your lobby. Second, XP gains aren’t the same for everyone, so try to be patient with the process. All XP gain is slow. You’ll likely get more XP by completing challenges in Battle Royale mode, but you don’t have to worry about getting killed on these Fortnite Creative XP maps.

3. Card code: 6101 – 9537 – 4403

Fortnite Creative Map 1

This is quite an interesting map. Once you spawn in this room, go up the stairs on your left and go to the back of the room. You should find a big green button that says “AFK XP”. Click this button and you should see XP accumulate. After pressing the button, wait 10 minutes and go back to where you first spawned in the room. There should be a large open door behind the Support a Creator button.


Head out of this door and then onto the platform in front of you. Build some platforms behind the center button, then go to the panel on the right. There should be a hidden button here that you need to interact with first. Once you’ve interacted with it, you’ll be teleported in front of the Assist Creator button. Go back the way you came and go back to the platform you built. There should be another hidden button on the panel to your left. Interact with it and you should be brought back into the room.

Fortnite Map 1 Interactive Panel

Head back to the back of the room where the AFK XP button was. There should be a button that says “Bouncer Room” above it. Interact with it and you should be taken to a room with bouncers. This keeps the XP gain active until you stop it or the game crashes.

2. Card code: 5054 – 5057 – 3365

Fortnite Creative Map 2

The mechanics in this creative map are quite similar to the other. Enter the island and wait to be teleported into the map. Go to the left side of the room and you should find a button that says XP Shop. Interact with it and you should be teleported to another room.

Fortnite AFK XP button

Head towards the room with the giant tomato heads and you should notice a big green button that says AFK XP on it. Press the button and then go to the main room and press the “Back to Arena” button.

Map 2 Secret button

Once back in the arena, go through the large door and run to the far left corner of the platform below. There should be a secret button here that will take you to a room where two characters will wave at you. Wait for the countdown timer on the wall to end. Once it’s outside, interact with the two statues one at a time. Interacting with the first statue should return you to the original spawn room. Return to the hidden XP button one more time to go to the statue room and interact with the second button.

Map 2 crashpad room

Now go back to the XP shop and head back into the room with the tomato heads. Here you should find a button that says Crash Pads. Interacting with this button should take you to a room with the crash pads. Now you can safely go afk and enjoy the XP gain.

1. Card code: 9001 – 1974 – 4652

Creative Map 3 input
Map 3 Hidden XP Button Room

This card grants the highest XP among all three cards mentioned here. Once spawned in the main room, keep going until you reach the third booth on the right. Take the stairs and go down. There should be a secret button in the top right corner of the room. Interact with it and you should end up being taken to a large room with lots of buttons.

Map 3 Big Button Room

Interact with the button that has AFK XP written above it. That should trigger the XP gain for you. Then go to the button that says Crashpad and then climb that button. In the top right corner of this room is another secret button. Interacting with this button should take you to another room with two large buttons with timers. Wait for the timer to run out, then interact with one of the buttons.

Map 3 Hidden Max XP Button

If you do, the big buttons will teleport you back into the room. Interact again with the secret button in the top right corner of the room and then press the second big button in the next room. Once you’ve been teleported back into the large room, interact with the button with the Crashpads written on it to keep the XP streak going.

How to get free XP other than Fortnite Creative

The only alternative to gaining XP other than these creative cards is to play the regular Fortnite Battle Royale mode. You get a good amount of XP by completing the weekly challenges such as: B. Removing a runaway boulder with a slide kick. While you’ll find most of the guides here on our main Fortnite guides hub, you’ll need the best weapons in the game to complete the challenges quickly. With Halloween almost here, it’s time to put on your spooky face with these Fortnite Halloween skins!

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