Fortnite will soon pay developers based on player engagement in maps

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  • Fortnite will soon pay user creators based on player engagement, which likely takes into account the time players spend on a map.
  • The new change will be made in the upcoming Creative 2.0 update and will change the way payment works and change the system as we know it.
  • Unreal Engine integration allows users to create high-quality maps with custom models, scripts, and art.
  • The Creative 2.0 update has suffered many delays and is scheduled to arrive this month within the next few weeks.

Fortnite will soon change its strategy and pay creators based on players’ total engagement in user cards instead of the old method. Epic Games has been working hard to bring out Creative 2.0 and after several delays, the new changes will arrive in the game this month. As recently discovered by the player @Krowe_moh, The rumored payment system is finally confirmed for the new update after a long brewing behind the scenes.

Creators will likely earn based on how much time players spend on a map. In other words, a card brings more money with better quality and attracts more users. Of course, maps created for grinding rewards will stop working in the long run, as after a while players will flock to the high-value maps in droves. However, the details behind the inner workings of the new system have not been confirmed by Epic Games.

Many prominent insiders have endorsed the new findings, including Fortnite Creative News And Shiina, to make sure it’s not a fake rumor being spread by the community. However, the site does not appear to be open to the general public at the time of writing.

Island creators no longer have to rely on the old Support-A-Creator program for users to earn rewards from Fortnite. The accepted creators can get 5% of the value of in-game purchases with their creator code. It wasn’t a very lucrative payment method, however, and has drawn its fair share of criticism over the years. The upcoming Creative 2.0 update will change the way creators get paid and rely on all user engagement.

In addition, the new Creative 2.0 brings even more changes. Creators will soon be able to use Unreal Engine integration to create custom models, scripts and the like. Due to the new features, the caliber of the new maps is raised to new horizons for a fun endeavor. Fortnite Creative 2.0 will completely revamp the mode after the new update, with custom maps improving quality and setting new standards never seen before.

The updated payment system will also encourage new developers to participate in Fortnite’s creative community. Unreal Engine integration will allow creators to reach a new level of customization not possible in the past. The Unreal Engine expansion was announced over two years ago, and the community has been patiently waiting for the biggest expansion in the game for the past few months.

Fortnite Creative 2.0 was supposed to be released with the Chapter 4 Season Update in December last year. However, it was pushed back to January 2023, only to be pushed back to March this year, and it seems Epic Games won’t be delaying the update again. Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney’s previous updates indicated that the update is still scheduled for a March release; We can expect it to arrive in a few weeks.

Fortnite fans have been delighted with the news, and more developers will be able to create custom maps for the general public while still earning a decent amount from player engagement. We can expect the much-anticipated Fortnite Creative 2.0 update to garner more approval from enthusiastic gamers.

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