On the hunt for golden eggs.

Fortnite Collect Golden Eggs Challenge

The Spring Breakout event is in full swing Fourteen days. To mark the beginning of spring, Epic Games introduced new quests, added more reality augments, and took the Egg Launcher out of the vault. Speaking of quests, a challenge you need to complete Fourteen days collect golden eggs. This guide will show you the fastest way to complete the challenge and get one step closer to getting the free Spring Breakout cosmetic.

Two new types of chickens and three unique eggs can be found on the map. Green Eggs are known as Heal Eggs, which slowly restore your health and shield over time. Blue Eggs are called Hop Eggs, and they temporarily grant you the low gravity effect while providing you with health. You cannot consume Golden Eggs, but snagging one will give you Gold Ingots.

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How to collect golden eggs in Fourteen days

Due to the Spring Breakout event, hordes of chickens have been released on the island. You will find different types of eggs throughout a game, but golden eggs are the rarest type. If you’re lucky, you might find a golden egg lying around while you play. However, there is an easier method to increase your chances of completing the challenge quickly and efficiently.

At the Frenzy Farm attraction, there is a farm full of chickens that constantly lay eggs for you to collect. If you wait, a golden egg will eventually be laid and all you have to do is interact with the egg to collect it. Once you collect the Golden Eggs, the challenge will be marked as complete.

Now you know how to collect golden eggs Fourteen days, You completed the challenge in no time. Remember that you have until April 11th to complete the Spring Breakout quests.


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