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Fortnite update changes the look of the Pixel Pilot Glider

Epic Games has been updated Fourteen days to enter Chapter 3 Season 4 and that has resulted in the appearance of the Pixel Pilot Glider from the Season 10 Battle Pass changing. The Pixel Pilot was part of Fourteen days since 2019, but the changes made to the glider in Chapter 3 Season 4 show that even the classic Battle Pass cosmetics don’t move beyond design updates, no matter how much time has passed.

The Pixel Pilot Glider was introduced for the first time Fourteen days with the Season 10 Battle Pass, and while many fans have had it since then, its aesthetic has been notably tweaked in a new patch. Among the changes brought Fourteen days with Chapter 3 Season 4 is an unexpected change to the Pixel Pilot Glider, making it less noticeable when players use it to glide onto the battle royale island surface. Reddit user Gameboyb0t recently shared a picture of him Fourteen days Cosmetic options that feature some significant changes to the Pixel Pilot that make it look very unfamiliar to its original counterpart.


Gameboyb0ts Fourteen days The screenshot shows their selected Zyg Locker Pack, which uses the Pixel Pilot Glider, Gameplan Back Bling, Grrizzy Gooper Harvesting Tool, and a weapon wrap across the board. Although the Pixel Pilot would normally have a glowing effect that would make it look like a variety of shades of green and blue, the image shared by Gameboyb0t shows a very flat military green version of the glider. While the revamped Pixel Pilot may go well with the green army look of the Toy Trooper and Plastic Patroller skins, removing its glow effect is similar Fourteen days cubes has some fans who trade it for an alternative glider in their lockers.

Due to the pixelated aesthetic of the aforementioned glider, fans of retro games may like it defender, Galaga, Galaxianand gyrus could fly into one Fourteen days Match with a spaceship reflecting the classics as opposed to other Season 10 items such as Junk Bucket, Master Mix or Steelwing. space invaders and Pac Man were recognized Fourteen days during Chapter 3, and Gameboyb0t will reflect one with an emote, and the Pixel Pilot glider should reflect the latter since it’s part of the Space Explorers set. Given the changes so it doesn’t look like it’s glowing anymore, there could be a similarly pixelated glider from Epic Games that does more justice to the same idea.

Many Fourteen days In their Reddit post, fans expressed the same frustrations as Gameboyb0t and how many Pixel Pilot owners have already been affected. Although others have experienced the same problem with that Fourteen days Season 10 Glider, some players advised Gameboyb0t to report the change as a bug, which could show Epic Games that some fans want a fix.

Fourteen days is now available on Mobile, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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