Fortnite Specialist Characters Abilities and Locations

The Spring Breakout event is in full swing Fourteen days. On the occasion of the beginning of spring, chickens have been released on the island, the egg launcher has returned from the vault, and special characters have landed. Specialist characters are a new breed of Fourteen days NPC with unique skills.

There are currently eight special characters in Chapter 4 Season 2. You’ll have to turn in 200 gold bars every time you want to hire one of these characters, so make sure you have enough reserves.

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All Fourteen days Locations and abilities of special characters

The specialist characters are divided into four different groups, each with different functions:

Scout Specialists

Longshot and Insight are scout specialists, each equipped with a sniper and able to ping unopened chests and nearby enemies. If you want to add one of these specialists to your squad, you can hire Longshot from the tower west of The Citadel, while Insight can be found at the top of the mountain northwest of Solitary Shrine.

supply specialists

If you’re running out of building materials and ammo, hiring a supply specialist could be just what you need to get back in the game. In order to track down this type of specialist, you need to find the Munitions Expert in Breakwater Bay. You can also hire Garrison from Watery Watch in the southwest corner of the map.

medical specialists

If you have Remedy and Triage Trooper on your side as medical specialists, they’ll see them throw Chug Splashes at you, granting you more health and shield. To find Remedy, go to the secluded tower located southwest of Slappy Shores. As for triage troopers, they roam north of Crusty Crates.

Heavy Specialists

Heavy Specialists damage enemies by throwing explosives at them. Not only that, but they also have more than the base amount of health, so defeating them will be a challenge. You can hire Sludge from Steamy Springs or Polar Patroller from Icy Islet west of Brutal Bastion.

Now you know the locations of specialist characters and what they can add to your game Fourteen days, You can use them to help you in your future games.


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