Fortnite players can play the original map in creative mode

Fourteen days Fans now have access to a recreation of the game’s original map, available in creative mode. It’s been years since the game’s first map was playable, and it’s become a source of nostalgia for many fans. Now some enthusiastic and talented creators have brought it back to life, but they haven’t just stopped at the map, they stopped at other originals as well Fourteen days Content was also promised.

Over the years since its release in 2017, the Fourteen days Map has gone through many changes. Regular updates have optimized the battlefield, adding, changing or even destroying many interesting locations. Natural disasters or world events have caused massive changes, adding whole new biomes to a specific area or sometimes the entire map for a period of time. The partnership with Marvel has also impacted the world, players see places like the Daily Bugle newspaper Spiderman, pop up. At the start of each new “chapter” of which the game is currently its third, Fourteen days has also received completely new cards.


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creative mode on Fourteen days is a robust tool for users to create their own maps with different rules and share their work with other fans. TikTok account nostalgiafocus shared a clip announcing their latest creation: a replica original Fourteen days Map, complete with original graphics. Nostalgiafocus is also the name of their in-game Support-A-Creator account, which is required to use Creative mode. The short video introduces the classic map, shows some original locations, and states that it also comes with all of the game’s original weapons. Also, the creators slowed down turbo building, an addition added a few years ago that dramatically changed how fast characters can be built.

The majority of commenters were excited at the prospect of being able to play what promises to be an exact replica of the first map, as much of the community has been asking for it. Although in one place the original Fourteen days Map returned as a skin, the actual combat map was never re-released by the developers. Despite the excitement and well-wishes from most, some commenters were less than thrilled, saying that while the old map might be back, the feel of the original game would still be lost forever.

Players have used this mode to create a whole host of incredible creations, whether they be entirely different games or homages to other franchises. one Fourteen days Player upgraded Peach’s Castle mario 64. Nostalgiafocus itself has created several other maps including SpongeBob SquarePantss’ house and a rocket league-style game.

Fourteen daysThe creative mode of is a big part of what makes the game so special. Despite receiving less attention than the hugely popular Battle Royale mode, Creative remains a wonderful tool and a huge draw for many fans. And without them, the original map would very well have been lost forever.

Fourteen days is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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