Fortnite players are demanding a fix for ridiculous rock hitboxes

Published: 2023-05-08T21:36:09

updated: 2023-05-08T21:36:17

Fortnite players are once again frustrated by the state of hitboxes, with rocks taking center stage this time.

Simply put, hitboxes determine whether or not a player’s attack has collided with an object or enemy. Those who play shooters and fighting games have a particular interest in hitboxing; Therefore, the topic keeps popping up in relation to Fortnite.

However, players would argue that Fortnite doesn’t always get it right. For example, in the past a tree’s hitbox would prevent users from dealing damage to enemies standing nearby. Instead of the opponent taking damage in this situation, the tree can end up being destroyed.

Unfortunately, a similar issue has surfaced and ruined a player’s chance of an otherwise easy kill.

Fortnite users want Epic to adjust hitboxes to Rock as soon as possible

“Need rock hitboxes [to be] changed,” wrote Reddit user Yaboymes as a caption for a gameplay video they shared. The clip only runs for 20 seconds, but it perfectly demonstrates the Redditor’s frustration.

During the clip, the user spots an enemy on the balcony in the distance. Because they’re so far apart, the Redditor equips his sniper rifle and lines up the perfect shot. A large boulder lies on the ground nearby, but the shooter still has plenty of room to hit his target. Or so they thought.

Instead of pinning down the removed prey, the shooter deals damage to the rock. Pulling out a machine gun is not enough either. After several more possible clean shots, only the large boulder is destroyed. And even when it’s out of frame, the enemy somehow backs away unharmed.

Needless to say, other players are feeling the Reddit user’s pain. “Oof, you got robbed a lot,” one person interjected. “Didn’t know rocks had hitboxes so high it sucks,” wrote another in the thread.

Another longtime Fortnite fan recalled hitbox issues with trees from the past: “Last season it was the trees, this season it’s the rocks…” According to another Fortnite player, tree hitboxes are still “broken”, especially at Rumble.

Whether and when Epic Games will address these issues is still in the stars.


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