Fortnite New Augments Alert Chapter 4 introduces 5 game-changing additions

Loopers in Fortnite rely on their best role to secure a Victory Royale, and augmentations have gradually become an integral part of the game. At the start of Season 4 Chapter 4, players have access to a random pool of 21 available Augments.

When or what the latest Augments would add to the game was unknown. A leak has revealed that five new Augments will be available in today’s release, and some players have hypothesized that these perks will allow users to rift regardless of their location.

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According to the aforementioned leak, these Augments will be available for players to activate and use in all current game modes, including Arena, Battle Royale, Team Rumble, and Zero Build. In case you missed the first few leaks, here are the Augments that will be available in Fortnite Season 1 Chapter 4:

Fortnite Season 1 Chapter 4 includes five new improvements.

Five new Augments have been leaked for Fortnite Season 1 Chapter 4 and will be available in the v23.20 update released today. Players will have the option to purchase these new expansions between games, similar to the other 21 available now.

If a player does not have access to an augment when the augment screen appears, they can request a teammate to use it. Learn how to use the game’s five new Augments below!

  • Danger Hero – When your shield fails, you temporarily gain health regeneration and movement speed.
  • Peely’s Plunder’s treasure map will lead you to the loot.
  • Shotguns have a special ability called “Shotgun Striker” that causes the target to gain siphon when hit by a shotgun.
  • Rare Item Bonus: Siphon after killing with Uncommon or Rare weapons
  • Break an enemy’s shield and you’ll get a zero-point sprint.

The five new expansions included in the update are throwbacks to previous eras of Fortnite. For example, the Siphon game mode got a lot of traction in Chapters 1 and 2, and the augment that serves a similar purpose will spark thoughts of upgrading his shotgun skills.

Fortnite New Extensions
Fortnite New Extensions

Additionally, by using Crystals and Zero Point Fish in Chapter 2, players can acquire Zero Point Dash and dash towards their opponents much faster. Players looking to rush their opponents can greatly benefit from the Augment.

Treasure maps, on the other hand, haven’t been seen since Chapter 3’s Uncharted team. The iconic tool is making a comeback as an augment that can lead adventurers to chests that contain more valuable items.

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Since the end of Winterfest, players have been eagerly awaiting the latest Fortnite update, which brings a host of highly-anticipated new goods and objectives to the game. It could be exciting to see how Looper integrate these new augments into their existing arsenal over the next few weeks.

Conclusion: We hope you found all relevant information about Fortnite New Augments Alert Chapter 4 with 5 game-changing additions. For more news and information, stay tuned with us.

frequently asked Questions

How do augments work in Fortnite?

As the battle progresses, you have a choice of two upgrades. Each expansion provides a special benefit that lasts for the duration of the game. If you can hold out long enough, you can collect a maximum of four Augments.

How do I get more Augments?

List of Fortnite addons. Which of the 22 available Augments you can access from the beginning of Chapter 4 is completely random. Enabling as many Augments as possible will increase your chances of discovering new ones as you play. You should have full access to it in a few hours.

How do I enable extensions?

Wait for the blue “Done!” lettering to appear below the mini-map, then press right on the directional pad (default on PC) to activate the Augment menu and select one of the two available options. The ‘Done!’ The prompt appears when an additional expansion option can be selected.


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