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Fortnite leak confirms Dragon Ball Super content, not just DBZ

Fourteen days is known for its wealth of crossover content with the hugely popular battle royale, with a variety of pop culture connections. Epic Games has everything from anime as shown Naruto and TV shows like stranger things to collaborate with big music acts like the Wu Tang Clan within the shooter. Recently, Epic Games teased the latest anime set to join the game with Dragon Ball Z Content will be added later this week. Now, recent leaks have confirmed that it’s not just that Dragon Ball Z is presented.


Epic Games’ hugely successful battle royale was rumored to be getting a crossover for over a month Fourteen days Dataminer discovered Dragon Ball Z-related assets in early July. Leaks have already indicated that characters like Goku, Vegeta and Beerus will be included in the crossover, with rumors circulating of the inclusion of a female character like Bulma. Epic Games officially teased the collaboration earlier this week with a picture of the legendary Shenron posted on the Fourteen days Twitter. Now a Japanese ad has revealed that the crossover will also be included Dragon Ball great.

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A video posted by Fourteen days Leaker HYPEX credited to a pair of Japanese Fourteen days Leaks, shows a Japanese ad for Fourteen daysis imminent dragon ball Cooperation, prominently highlighted Dragon Ball great‘s logo. While the ad doesn’t reveal any content, the inclusion of greatThe logo of s suggests that the crossover will pull content from both Dragon Ball Z and its continuation great. Beerus plays a particularly important role in this Great, act as the primary antagonist of great‘s first arc and a supporting character in the entire series.

Fourteen days‘s latest anime crossover comes fresh on the heels of another major collab event for the game. Epic Games welcomed the return of Fourteen days‘s crossover with Naruto in June with new skins, cosmetics and Naruto-Themed challenges for players to complete within the Battle Royale. HYPEX has also leaked many future crossovers that are reportedly being planned Fourteen days over the next year with more skins based on arcane planned.

While Fourteen days has gained a lot of notoriety for its variety of crossovers in recent years, the game has still seen plenty of new original content to keep fans busy. Epic Games has regularly changed the game’s map throughout its lifetime, both adding new locations and changing pre-existing locations such as the Temple. Fourteen daysEpic’s competitive seasons have also seen Epic add many new weapons, with the recent Chapter 3 Season 3 update adding three new weapons. Fourteen daysis imminent Dragon Ball Z Crossover is already becoming a popular fan event.

Fourteen days is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and mobile devices.

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