Fortnite: Do Leon and Claire Skins Have Edit Styles?

Put the Leon and Claire skins in Fourteen days have no editing styles. Although the first series of Resident Evil skins includes them, it looks like Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield will only have the base style, at least for now.

Will Leon and Claire skins get edit styles in Fortnite?

At the moment, the Leon and Claire skins in Fortnite only have the base style. Leon is wearing his Resident Evil 4 clothes and Claire is wearing her outfit from the Resident Evil 2 remake.

When the Claire and Leon skins arrived in Fortnite, players expected a plethora of customization options that would allow them to tweak the look of their favorite zombie-slaying duo. Unfortunately, the skins arrived without editing styles, which left fans disappointed and questioning Epic Games’ decision.

The lack of editing styles is particularly disappointing given Resident Evil’s rich history, which has seen Claire and Leon evolve across multiple games in the series. Fans anticipated the opportunity to explore these different looks and styles, but were instead presented with a static and unchanging design.

The Fortnite community has been vocal about their dissatisfaction, taking to social media and forums to express their concerns. They have urged Epic Games to listen to the fanbase and add editing styles to the Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy skins in a future update.


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