Fortnite Developers 20 new video games aren’t going to make everyone happy

News YVTech Fortnite Developers 20 new video games will not make everyone happy.

Published November 3, 1923 at 6:15 p.m.

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The US studio that built the popular Fortnite studio has big plans for the next year. Among its ambitions, Epic Games, a video game, plans to add 20 new titles to its catalog. Although these new genres may not appeal to all gamers, these cannon-like games but those unfamiliar with the game can appeal to any gamer.

Epic Games continues to diversify its catalog of games.

Unlike its competitors, the American video game giant seems determined to focus on games based on blockchain technology and thus on the use of non-fungible tokens (nFTs).

This is not a surprise since Epic Games has multiplied its announcements in this direction since 2022. The studio currently has three games available from the blockchain, namely: “Dash”, “Dash”.

Blank Block PartyKettenmonsterCore!

The Blanks Bloc Party was one such party.

However, the platform does not want to stop there. In fact, during a video interview for Axios, Steve Allison, the manager of Epic Games, confided that about twenty titles exploiting the blockchain would see the light of day by next year.

These games are not designed by Epic Games Studios; rather by the Web 3 giant studios like Mythical Games and Gala. In this configuration, Epic Games is not exposed to potential disputes regarding the future generation of games, since the publishers are responsible for the transactions.

Because of this, the platform giant states that already available titles like Blank’s Block Party are having some success. With these encouraging stats, the studio behind Fortnite wants to continue on the path of 2023 and 2024, a period it believes is important for Web 3 development.

Still, I’m not sure if everyone doesn’t like this position.

Why not play these 3 games?

The blockchain is the basis of bitcoin and cryptocurrency. For example, anything directly or indirectly related to technology has a speculative connotation and is therefore negative for the majority of players.

Blockchain is already being used in many industries, but is often seen as a very innovative technology for video games.

Worryingly, its implementation in some games allows for different graphical compilations based on data, visual features, colors, etc. Due to NFTs, they all give ownership rights to each player. As part of their use, anyone can theoretically store and even sell their winnings outside of the gaming environment.

This vision of so-called Web 3 gaming is widely described as being fairer and more transparent for gamers, although the blockchain is not used to increase publisher revenue through microtransactions.

That’s not the only reason blockchain implementation in games isn’t unanimous. Many players feel that the play-to-earn mechanism is not useful for playing video games, but rather for recreation. However, the fact that developers get greed is a dangerous thing.

This negative image regarding blockchain gaming has made it easier for big-name companies to embrace the topic. So far, neither Steam nor Mojang plan to add this kind of functionality short, medium or even long.

This continues to erode the reputations of some major players in the video game industry. It remains to be seen if the timing is not right for certain titles, as interest in such a new genre sometimes correlates with the price of the cryptocurrency.


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