Fortnite Creative 2.0’s first island could be the original Chapter 1 map – and fans are torn

Fortnite’s Creative mode has been in a very basic iteration for a while now, allowing players to drag objects or otherwise interact in a visual editor. While developers have been able to achieve amazing feats with the tools provided, the long-awaited Creative 2.0 is expected to change everything. And now what appears to be a professional company has announced the first card, but reactions have varied.

In a recently published tweet, the professional commented Fourteen days Creative company Atlas Creative has released a short teaser for something called Atlas OG Battle Royale, made in Unreal Editor aka Creative 2.0. This appears to be the first map announced with the Unreal Editor program, and it seems like Epic granted access to creative companies ahead of time for some early content showcase opportunities.

Reactions to the tweet have been quite mixed, with some fans happy to be able to return to one older version of the island and relive some recent memories. Other fans have expressed frustration that the first map announced in Epic’s groundbreaking Creative 2.0 update is just one older, more restricted version of the Battle Royaleinstead of something new and exciting, as Atlas proved.

Some have also commented that this will likely be the case replicated by many other creators When the program goes live, everyone reenacts different seasons of the game that they liked the most.

This update of the game has been a long time coming, and fans are itching for an updated experience Fourteen days Creative that gives them more options. With the announcement that the program will be released next week, many players are excited to get their hands on it. It makes sense why some might want something different than the regular battle royale, but the good news is that they’ll soon be able to create it themselves.


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