Former Arizona inmate released after 20 years reflects on the case and the future

HONOLULU — On Ian Schweitzer’s first morning of freedom on Wednesday, he woke up in a hotel room, looked out over the balcony at the sea and took in the beauty of the island he’s been away from for over 20 years while on trial for a murder of was imprisoned in 1991 and has always claimed rapes he did not commit.

In an interview with The Associated Press from Big Island, the former Arizona inmate reflected on a range of emotions, from his belief in God, which kept him positive, to his complicated feelings about the police and criminal justice system, to seeking help from really killed Dana Ireland solving the problem.

“We want justice for Dana,” Schweitzer said.

Schweitzer said he considers himself a victim of the same crimes he was convicted of: “I feel like they murdered 25 years of my life. I feel like they kidnapped me away from my family. I feel like they raped me because I’m a son. “


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