Five takeaways from Minnesota’s 61-57 loss to Indiana

(Photo: University of Minnesota)

With just seven healthy grantees, the Minnesota Gophers struggled with Indiana until the last minute, but came just wide. Here are the five things you should take away from this competition as a Golden Gopher basketball fan.

one. Great game plan ben johnson. With limited options on his bench (Jaden Henley and Will Ramberg), the Gophers got smart with their game plan and nearly clinched an upset victory. The Gophers threw Indiana a few different zone defensive looks, and it seemed like it took the Hoosiers over a half to figure out how Minnesota went from possession to possession. The Gophers attracted additional attention Trayce Jackson Davis while doing a great job of climbing to the best shooting options in Indiana. After a 3 of 8 shooting start Trayce Jackson Davis eventually dominated, but it was a slow move to his 25-point game. The Gophers Limited Jalen Hood-Schifino to 2 of 11 shooting, Trey Galloway was 1 of 5, and Race Thompson was 1 of 4.

There is not much positive to report Pharrell Payne and Dawson Garcia hurt and off but with these two sit and Treyton Thompson As a fiver, this allowed the gophers to play more fives or with more fours/ones. With Payne always at the post, Garcia often at the post and sometimes both in high-low fashion, that puts the defenders in the middle of the ground. Defenders who can often come into the fight if he dribbles, separates or works the ball for space. By using a five-out or a four-out/one-in, the Gophers used more space for Battle’s work. And as Joshua Ola-Joseph sat with leg cramps, Battle worked the fours in more space than he’ll ever get because of the four guards/wings on the floor with Thompson (who doesn’t field much).

Two. Two ways Jamison battle. Jamison battle found a shooting rhythm, scored 20 points and made 4 out of 9 threes. It was an excellent day of shooting as Battle seemed more comfortable than he was. There seemed to be more offensive activity today, and Battle seemed to be finding room to work. Part of that was Indiana having slower full-backs and another part was the space we talked about in the previous post (snack). This was the offensive fight Minnesota fans have come to expect, and if they continue to watch him play like this, wins should lie ahead.

As good as Battle was offensively, I found him even better defensively. This was one of the best defenses I’ve seen Battle as he did a wonderful job of getting his different covers around the zone. His struggling defense forced his man to make many errors both directly and in support. He had a pair of steals, a pair of blocks, and five defensive boards to match that positional defense.

Three. TJDI thought Treyton Thompson played as hard as he physically could tonight and did a lot of good things for the Gophers. He had eight boards, four assists, a few blocks, four scores, and a lot of trouble. That means he was the only guy with the size to guard him Trayce Jackson Davis and Treyton just couldn’t physically do it for long periods of time. The Indiana All American nominee physically overpowered Thompson and others, forcing his way to a 25 point, 21 rebound, and 6 block game. TJD was 11 of 19 off the floor and assembled the game-winning And1 that overpowered Joshua Ola-Joseph for a putback score while being fouled in the final minute. It was the fifth offensive board for Jackson-Davis. As well planned as Minnesota and played as hard as the Gophers, they just still didn’t have enough to stop the All Big Ten big.

Four. The payment. Minnesota played hard and took a HUGE step up in the turnovers category by turning over the ball just four times. That said, they desperately needed another player to consistently score (along with Battle) and they just didn’t get it. The Gophers missed their last 11 shots of the game and they didn’t score in the final three minutes and twenty seconds of the contest. Sure there were good looks, but they didn’t finish the pieces. Battle scored the 20, an injured Will Ramberg made both of his tries and Jaden Henley scored three out of five shots. The rest of the Shooting numbers were ugly and you can’t beat Indiana unless someone else offends along with Battle.

  • Bull Samuels scored seven points on 2 of 6 shots (7 rebounds for the game)
  • Joshua Ola-Joseph shot 1 of 8 for the game.
  • Treyton Thompson was 4 of 13 for the game, missing all five of his three-pointers.
  • Ta’lon Cooper took 3 of 4 foul shots but missed all six of his three-pointers and shot 2 of 14 for the game. I think the Gopher fans would rather have the 50 percent three point shoot instead of the 50 foul shoot.

Five. injury report. Let’s go through this player by player:

  • Pharell Payne hit his head while jumping onto the bench late in the game against Michigan and that’s where the concussion came from.
  • Dawson Garcia has the leg injury, he wanted to play tonight but they told him he had to get closer to 100 percent
  • Will Ramberg has been struggling with a leg injury for months and only played four minutes largely because of that leg problem
  • Parker Fox sounds like he’s making great strides in his recovery as his checkups are going well.
  • Haven’t heard anything else Braden Carrington which we assume will be out for another three weeks, and of course Isaiah them is still recovering from his season-ending injury.

Extra. Officer. I can’t escape this. Well, Minnesota got the benefit of a shoulder-down call tonight, and for the first time in a long time I think this area has finally gone the gopher way (that and a lot of positive bounces, I don’t think I ever seen so many random loose balls end up in the hands of gophers). But we can’t leave this game without talking about that Treyton Thompson fouls.

There were two that were worth discussing and they were very important because they resulted in Thompson fouling and an injured Ola-Joseph having to go down and defend Jackson-Davis. The first in question was an absolute mystery as Thompson was hit in the face with an arm and never even came close to touching the IU player with the ball. What really struck me was how angry the officer looked when he called. A total mystery of a call.

On the second, which I believe Thompson fouled, there appeared to be lighter contact on the arm. That could certainly be a foul, although I understand. But then we go to the other end. Wie Thompson attempts nine shots to the rim, eight of which are denied directly and receive ZERO foul calls. He was certainly hit by the same contact he was fouled with a few times.

Again, the whistles that Minnesota get in the paint continue to be different than the whistles that go against them in the paint.

How many fouls do you think Jackson-Davis were due for? You guessed it! Same as Walker from Nebraska, Key from Ohio State, Edey from Purdue and Dickinson from Michigan, two. TWO. The magic number. The Gophers have guys who foul routinely, and opposing players who make regular contact and equal contact walk out of those games with two fouls.

The contact allowed to Minnesota in the suit and the contact allowed to Minnesota opponents in the suit continue to differ. Why? I do not know.


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