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First Bloody Motion Poster for You Season 4 released by Netflix

Season 4 has received a gory new motion poster from Netflix hinting at something exciting for fans of the series to come very soon.

The hit psychological thriller series from Netflix You has released a motion poster for the upcoming fourth season and announced that more will follow tomorrow during Netflix’s TUDUM festival, whose name is a play on the noise that plays when the Netflix logo appears on screen during their productions.

You is a Netflix series about Joe (Penn Badgley), a seemingly average man who hides a murderous exterior underneath. Joe, who describes himself as a romantic, often finds himself “in love” with a new girl only to stalk her and teach her every move and interest before manipulating the woman to become his mistress. Often these forays into romantic relationships have deadly and cruel endings for everyone Joe comes in contact with. The psychological thriller occasionally shifts into dark comedy, sometimes satirizing what society considers romantic behavior.


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In a new tweet posted to Netflix’s Twitter account, a motion poster shows a bearded Joe in formal wear pouring a glass of blood as if it were tea. Netflix also hints that its TUDUM event, which has big reveals for shows like teased The Witcher and stranger thingsShe has “something special” in store for the fans tomorrow. What that means is up in the air, but it could be a teaser trailer or a formal announcement for the release date of You season 4

Netflix You Season 3 showed Joe as married to Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) but proved that old habits die hard. By the finale, Joe is a single man again, just in time for Season 4 of the hit series. It hasn’t been confirmed that Season 4 will be the last in the series, nor has it been confirmed that a Season 5 will be set up, but the show should probably start offering some closure soon. Joe has evaded capture and exposure several times, usually thanks to a bit of luck, coincidence and the fact that he’s screwed other people, but the show can only go on so long without becoming a parody of itself.

Also, actor Penn Badgley may or may not be itching to move to the big screen. Certain rumors point to Badgley Reed Richards playing Fantastic Four, and while that’s far from confirmed, it does show that Badgley has achieved a level of fame that puts him on the radar for high-profile work. His work on You was certainly exemplary and proved he’s a great actor, which means he could be considering some bigger roles soon.

You Seasons 1-3 are available exclusively on Netflix.

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Source: Netflix/Twitter

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