Finally, Pamela Anderson has authority over her own story in Netflix Doc

Her story has been told to her by others over the years, but now Pamela Anderson can tell it in her own words in the new Netflix documentary. Pamela, a love story.

She shares her feelings about her life so far in intimate interviews. She is unvarnished, unfiltered and very raw with her emotions. Compelling and beautifully shot, this film will make you love her even more for her ability to share her darkest moments and laugh at herself.

The documentary is directed by Ryan White and produced by Jessica Hargrave, Julia Nottingham and her son Brandon Thomas Lee. The film charts her rise from small town girl to Playboy centerfold to actress to international sex symbol.

But Anderson is so much more than a famous blonde bombshell; She grew into herself and became an icon and a feminist in the truest sense of the word. She’s also a dedicated mom, animal-loving activist, philanthropist, and hopeless romantic.

As much as she was celebrated for her beauty, she was sometimes punished for it. She’s been forced to reclaim her power time and time again over the years, and she always does. She is a survivor.

There’s an attic in her boathouse at her home in Ladysmith, BC, Canada, packed with boxes of old VHS tapes containing snippets of her fascinating life. Many of these never-before-seen home movies are featured in the film, along with stacks of diary entries. She has made numerous notes on dozens of yellow legal pads and in journals throughout her life. These were too hard for her to read, but she gave her sons Brandon and Dylan and the filmmakers full access to them and permission for a voice actress to narrate them.

Her hometown is the polar opposite of the bright city lights of Hollywood, with a population of less than 9,000. She calls her “truth serum” her property, which she constantly updates and adds to. It’s a place she’d returned to many times over the years when trouble arose, and it is There she has always found the solutions and answers she is looking for.

Watching her reminisce about her many explosive whirlwind romances is emotional and funny. She often makes fun of herself, which makes her even more loveable. Empathy is the emotion I felt as she described the most painful time of her life as that infamous stolen sex tape turned her life and career upside down. The world had yet to discover the power of the internet, and the tape became the first viral video. Anderson and her then-husband Tommy Lee were the first celebrities to face such mockery.

She stands by the fact that she and Lee never made any money off the video, nor did they settle. “You can’t quantify the amount of pain and suffering it has caused,” she said.

Every time she reflects on her whirlwind romance with Lee, it’s obvious to her that he’s the love of her life. your love was a very different story, which she describes as “a heart-to-heart explosive kind of love” and one of the “wildest, most beautiful love affairs of all time”.

At one particularly emotional point in the film, Anderson bursts into tears. She tells her son Dylan, “It’s probably going to get me in a lot of shit saying that, but I really loved your father for all the right reasons, and I don’t think I’ve ever loved anyone else. ”

She says she never got over the fact that things didn’t work out with her children’s father and realizes that it is the reason she has failed in all her relationships since. Her relationship with Lee is similar to what she experienced growing up with her parents, who also had a tumultuous relationship. They were madly in love and sometimes broke up, but they always got back together and are currently happy.

Anderson admits she would rather be alone than not be with Lee. “It’s impossible to be with anyone else,” she admits, adding that she doesn’t feel like she can be with Lee either. She’s a lifelong romantic who can’t be with anyone.

In one scene, she is on a boat with then-husband Dan Hayhurst, whom she divorced in January 2022 after a year of marriage. She talks about feeling uneasy all the time, saying at one point, “I’m looking for a feeling I can’t find.”

Anderson also delves into her childhood and says that some terrible things happened to her. For three or four years she was abused by a babysitter. She explains how she protected her brother from the abuse and confronted the babysitter. Anderson told her she wished she would die. The next day, she was killed in a car accident, and Anderson felt guilty for years, thinking she caused her death.

When she was 12, she described a 25-year-old man raping her, and she felt at the time that it was her fault. This time was very confusing for her because it was also her first experience of sex. Posing for Playboy later in life would relieve her of her shyness and insecurities. Playboy allowed her to reclaim the power of her sexuality.

Anderson wanted to be more than a sex symbol and be taken seriously as an actress. Baywatch would be her first acting job, and the show catapulted her to worldwide fame. During this time, the stolen sextape went viral and her dreams of becoming a respected actress were shattered. The stress led to her and Lee losing their first baby.

She explained that the difference between the stolen sex tape and Playboy was that she chose to appear in the magazine, which empowered her. Posting the stolen video was a violation. “In this case, it felt like rape,” she said, adding that she was devastated by the situation. In order to survive, she had to cut this time out of her life.

She tried to leave everything behind. Then she found out about the Hulu miniseries Pam & Tommy. She and her sons were horrified. She describes feeling like a thing that belongs to the world again.

She got her courage back when she had the opportunity of a lifetime to play Roxie Hart on Broadway Chicago. She performed to packed houses and fans and critics praised her singing, dancing and acting.

Once again Anderson has reclaimed her power and proved that she is much more than a blonde bombshell. She has proven herself and the world that she is an unstoppable powerhouse.

In her words: “I want to accept the past, accept the truth. My life is not a hurt me story.”


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