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Finally a new Netflix reality show that isn’t spasmodic

For anyone who’s been keeping tabs on all the countless Netflix releases each week this year, if I asked you to make a list of the titles that immediately stood out to you as the sickest, I bet I’d have a pretty good one idea of ​​what this list would mostly consist of. Many of them would no doubt be Netflix reality shows modeled on is it cake and dating and relatives.

It’s the pesky trade-off that drives many of the key content decisions within Netflix: do what we think passes the quality test, or do shows people are guaranteed to watch (even if they’re rubbish).

Ok, that’s probably not exactly how it’s phrased within the company, but you get the idea. Today’s Netflix has everything from strong, premium fares – the newly released Swedish crime drama Snabba Cash is a great example, as is the upcoming Marilyn Monroe movie Blondwith Ana de Armas — as well as low-key tripes like every conceivable twist on the dating genre you can dream up.

Netflix reality shows

All of Netflix’s quality has to live alongside the guilty pleasure Netflix reality shows – and compete for your attention – including titles like Too hot to touch, love is blindand Cooking with Paris.

But thankfully, Netflix reality shows aren’t all about romantic entanglements.

Iron Cook Mexico
Iron Chef Mexico is now streaming on Netflix. Image source: Netflix

For example, on Wednesday the streamer debuted a Mexican iteration of a high-profile reality cooking franchise: Iron Chef Mexico.

“The legendary culinary competition that started in Japan and became a global phenomenon,” explains Netflix, “is experienced for the first time in Spanish and with a very Mexican twist.”

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The streamer continued, “Mexico’s top chefs will go head-to-head against the resident Iron Chefs in a 24-hour 24-hour duel at Kitchen Stadium for a very strange secret ingredient. The series is based on the Fuji Television Network format.”

Celebrities attending the show include Spanish pop star Belinda, who also stars in the recent Spanish-language Netflix hit Welcome to Eden.

This season from Iron Chef Mexico Netflix, on the other hand, sometimes tries competing chefs to mix Mexican and Japanese cuisines; prepare gourmet street food; Battle to make the (literally) hottest desserts; and much more. Luckily, all of this means that this is at least one Netflix reality show where nobody submits to all manner of humiliation in order to find love.

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