Filming their feud in Beef gave Steven Yeun and Ali Wong hives


photo: Andrew Cooper/Netflix

Road Rage “Comedy” beef is coming to Netflix on April 6, and that’s probably not a moment too soon for stars Steven Yeun and Ali Wong, who are probably relieved to be done with it. Speaking at a South By Southwest Q&A (above diversity), Yeun mentioned that their “bodies shut down” when they finished filming, and Wong added that both “broke out in hives” after filming. “Mine was on my face. He was all over his body because he’s so weak,” Wong explained. She also noted that something disgusting had happened to Yeun’s elbow, but didn’t want to elaborate further for the sake of the audience.

beef, from creator Lee Sung Jin, stars Yeun and Wong as two characters involved in a street riot incident (he almost backs into her car, or maybe she almost hits him while he’s backing up?). Whoever is really at fault, a series of honks and curses escalates into a full blown feud as they attempt to systematically destroy each other. It’s like one of those funny TV prank wars, except it doesn’t seem very funny at times (we put “comedy” in quotes up there, and the show is billed as “comedy-drama”).

Jin also noted during the SXSW appearance that the show’s inciting street riot incident was based on something that really happened to him, when someone in a fancy SUV honked their horn and yelled at him before driving away. Like Yeun on the show, he decided to follow them afterward, but he said that “it didn’t end like it did on the show — that’s why I’m here and able to talk to you today — but it definitely made me think about it.” how we live in such subjective realities where we project onto people we don’t know.”


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