With the FIFA 23 release date fast approaching, football fans are excited to see what EA has in store for them this year. Here’s everything you need to know about FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 will be the last FIFA-branded football game from EA Sports, which EA Sports FC will bring to the world next year.

As such, expectations are high for FIFA 23, and now that EA has unveiled the new features and additions players can expect across Career Mode, Ultimate Team, and Pro Clubs, there’s clearly a look to look forward to.

We’ll be breaking down each new FIFA 23 feature and official release date to best prepare you for a massive final chapter.

Jack Grealish FIFA 23

Will FIFA 23 have crossplay?

FIFA 23 will have a crossplay feature for certain modes at launch. Crossplay in FIFA 23 will be limited to 1v1 modes when the game is released. This will mainly affect Ultimate Team gameplay as players will compete on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. Meanwhile, PS4 and Xbox One users are also competing against each other

This also means that a large number of players will share a FUT market in FIFA. To learn more about market changes, you can read our article explaining how the Ultimate Team Market will work in FIFA 23.

Unfortunately, EA has confirmed that there will be no crossplay feature for Pro Clubs mode. This enraged players, and after a lot of backlash from the FIFA community, EA hinted that the feature might make its way to Pro Clubs after launch.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team new features

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team fans are in for some big changes. First off, position modifiers as we know them will be removed from the game.

Instead, players have secondary positions that reflect their real-world position changes. For example, Kyler Walker could operate with full chemistry at RB or CB.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Squad Chemistry

Another major change for Ultimate Team mode is FIFA 23’s all-new chemistry system. Chemistry lines in your squad are a thing of the past in FIFA 23. You know that with a less restrictive chemistry system, you have more freedom in building your roster.

This system takes into account nations, leagues and clubs across the pitch to give players a chemistry rating between 0 and 3. Proximity no longer matters as Andrew Robertson and Trent Alexander-Arnold produce the RB to LB chemistry.

Find out what to expect in FIFA 23 with our guide to Ultimate Team’s new game mode called FUT Moments.

FIFA 23 World Cup modes

The World Cup mode added to FIFA 18 has been a huge hit with players and the community has been pushing EA to overhaul the feature for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

While we currently don’t know how many game modes will feature World Cup content, EA has confirmed that there will be some participation via Ultimate Team mode.

It’s understood that both the men’s and women’s versions of the World Cup will be celebrated in FIFA 23, but we’ll have to wait and see what they have in store for players.

Mallory Pugh in FIFA 22

With the men’s tournament taking place this time in winter 2022 and the women’s edition in summer 2023, EA would have plenty of time to adequately cover both celebrations of football.

FIFA 23 new & removed clubs

Due to licensing deals, it’s not uncommon for clubs and leagues to join and leave the FIFA franchise with each new release. Lately it has been difficult to get certain Serie A licenses due to the absence of big-name clubs Juventus, Lazio and Atalanta from the game.

EA confirmed that Juventus will return to FIFA at full capacity this year, with Claudio Marchisio leading the way as the FUT Hero item available to Ultimate Team players.

While one partnership seems to be revived, another will end in FIFA 23 as the J-League is reportedly being removed from the game. If the reports are true, it would spell the end of a 6-year partnership between the Japanese league and EA Sports.

Mbappe with FIFA 23 and J-League logo

With a ton of different licenses to consider, it could be difficult to keep track of which teams, leagues and stadiums will be involved in FIFA 23, but we’ve created a guide to help you with that.

FIFA 23 gameplay changes

In addition to the changes to the Pro Clubs and Career Mode offerings in FIFA 23, EA is also excited to announce several gameplay changes. These changes aim to freshen up the feel of the game on the pitch.

For starters, set pieces have been overhauled in FIFA 23, with penalties receiving simplified mechanics. Standard situations also include free kicks and corner kicks, which you will have to learn to master again this year.

One of the most fun ways to show off your FIFA skills is with skill moves, and there’s more to master in FIFA 23 than ever before. Check out our guide to discover all the gameplay changes introduced in FIFA 23.

For more information on the FIFA series, check out our FIFA 23 pre-order guide with available editions, prices and bonuses.

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