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Feasibility study for a year-long regional sports complex

The process to conduct a feasibility study for a possible regional sports complex begins Thursday with advertisements being sent out seeking a consultant for the project.

The consultant selected will focus on demographics and market research, among other things.

Stacie de Mestre, public works and major projects manager at the Chelan Douglas Port Authority, says the consultant must also have an economic analysis specialist.

“That’s one of the biggest parts of the study, seeing how a facility would impact our area, whether it would attract big events, whether it would put people in hotels, whether it would attract people from out of state or whether it would it would only be used primarily locally,” said de Mestre.

The feasibility study will last one year.

The study is divided into three parts, with Phase One focusing on analysis and data collection.

de Mestre says the results from phase one will determine whether the study moves to phase two, which examines what to include in the sports park.

“And that’s really a move to evaluate what the sports complex would look like,” said de Mestre. “Is it just an indoor pool? Does it have soccer fields? Does it have baseball fields? Is that inside or outside. And then they look at the costs and whether the operation can be supported.”

Phase three of the study would be a voter support survey.

A regional sports complex would be funded from sales tax money, which would require a public vote.

A further assessment of the feasibility of the complex would be made prior to the commencement of the third phase.

The verdicts will be made by a 12-member steering committee made up of city and county representatives, a member of a local water sports club, and a member of the local Hispanic Business Council.

The consultant will report to the steering committee.

In the meantime. De Mestre will chair a sub-committee that will help select the advisor. This group also includes Chelan County Commissioner Kevin Overbay, either Douglas County Commissioner Dan Sutton or Commissioner Marc Straub, and a representative of the Hispanic Business Council.

A final presentation on the possible regional sports complex will take place on January 10th, a voter support survey will take place in February/March 2024.

The feasibility study is funded by Chelan and Douglas counties, the cities of Wenatchee and East Wenatchee, the regional port authority and a group overseeing the Town Toyota Center.

Below is an overview of their financial commitments:

  • Greater Wenatchee Public Facilities District (Town Toyota Center) $100,000
  • Chelan County $50,000
  • Douglas County $50,000
  • City of Wenatchee $40,000
  • City of East Wenatchee $30,000
  • Chelan Douglas Regional Port Authority $30,000

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