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Fast-acting upstate bus driver used Broken Arm to save students!

Call all the bus drivers in Upstate NY who take our kids to and from school and do it responsibly and attentively, unlike most other motorists on the street.

hero bus driver

Samantha Call, a bus driver for Norwich City School District (two hours south-west of Albany), recently prevented a student from being hit by a car (see video below) by carefully grabbing him from behind and using a good old-fashioned ‘arm’ Pause” to prevent him from going through the opened doors.

In the 37-second video, you can see that the bus came to a complete stop. Shortly thereafter, you see a young man walking in front of the bus and trying to get off.

broken arm

But a second after the door opens, Call’s keen senses take over – and that’s a good thing, as the fast-acting driver grabbed the young man and launched an “arm break” milliseconds before he could have been run over by a reckless driver who didn’t stop.

According to sources, around 10:45 a.m. on April 26, the bus was pulled over on State Route 12 with its holding arm extended and red lights flashing — but the oncoming driver still didn’t stop.

“She did great,” Loomis said of Call’s actions. “She prevented a tragedy.” William Loomis, the school district transportation supervisor.

William Loomis, the school district traffic superintendent, called Call a hero and said that the “boy went home for Call this morning.”

Loomis also reported the incident to the Chenango County Sheriff’s Office, according to New York Upstate, but he said the driver was not found.

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