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Farthest Frontier: How to Make Gold Faster

Developed by Crate Entertainment, Farthest Frontier is the latest installment in the well-loved survival and city-building genre. Simulation games bring players a different kind of calm and stress that no other genre offers. In the PC-exclusive game, you are in charge of your city, starting from scratch with a vision of building an empire. Since the game is set in the Middle Ages, it’s important that you learn it How to make gold in the farthest frontier so you can make your city more successful!

The Farthest Frontier is a highly detailed simulation game. In it, you’re tasked with controlling every single aspect of a running city, including wars and skirmishes with outside threats. Players not interested in the combat side of things can turn on “pacifist mode” before starting their world. Be sure to check out our Farthest Frontier Review.

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In games like Farthest Frontier, resources are paramount. Building and upgrading your city depends on your resources. Gold is one of the most expensive resources in the game. Therefore, every player should aim to build up a regular supply of them.

Gold can be used for trading to buy important things and it is also used to train your troops. Without these two, you won’t be able to take your city to the next level. With that in mind, we’ve put together a quick guide on how to get gold in Farthest Frontier.

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Gold in Farthest Frontier is not that easy to get, but there are several ways to get gold in the game. Luckily we have listed all the methods you can use to earn gold in Farthest Frontier.

How do you make gold in the farthest frontier?

farthest limit gold foundry
Methods of making gold in Farthest Frontier

Gold is a key resource in The Farthest Frontier. It may not be a priority for you early in the game, but once you advance into your city, gold becomes one of the most important resources you must have. You can store gold in the city’s storage vault and use it to train your soldiers who are responsible for protecting your city from the enemies.

Luckily, there are several ways a player can get gold in The Farthest Frontier. However, some of these methods yield more gold than others. Still, it’s good to have stable and passive sources to get gold in the game. This allows you to keep your reserves high, which will come in handy in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Without further ado, let’s go through all the methods you can use to either make or get gold in Farthest Frontier.


Make gold in the farthest limit
Gold mine in Farthest Frontier

The first and most direct way to earn gold in Farthest Frontier is to build a gold mine. However, you cannot build a gold mine straight away. First you need to set up your city and upgrade your city center to level 3. After that, as you browse your map type, you will come across many resource symbols, including the gold.

First, it’s important that you set one up foundry building in your city. The foundry will use coal as an energy source and convert gold ores into bars. Without the Foundry, you can’t convert your ores, and your gold won’t be used unless it’s turned into an ingot.

When you find the gold symbol on your map, it indicates that there is a gold mine in that location. After that, you can assemble your mining team and put them to work. Since gold deposits are usually farther from town, you may need to set one up center of the gold mine this will store some of the gold your work has mined.

The gold ores from the mine are transferred to the foundry in Farthest Frontier. It is then converted into bars and is thus available. The foundry produces 100 gold bars from 5 ores.

Therefore, setting up a gold mine is the best and most profitable method. However, you need to follow some steps such as: B. Build a Foundry building first and upgrade your Town Center to level 3 before going down this route.

trading center

Trade at the furthest frontier
Trade Center in Farthest Frontier

The second method to get gold in Farthest Frontier is to: a trading center. Players can sell their goods in trading centers and earn gold for doing so. These buildings provide space for traders from other cities. They visit your city at different times of the year and stay there to trade with you.

You either get valuable raw materials from them, or you sell your own goods to earn some money. Therefore, the Trade Center is a great option that you can use to earn gold in the game. However, commercial centers require advance planning. You need to produce surplus goods and save them so you can sell them when the traders arrive.

Some of the items you can craft to sell for lots of gold are: candles, pottery, and wood. There are many more goods that you can sell, but these items are fairly easy to come by, and they yield good profits once sold.

However, wood is a key resource in The Farthest Frontier. So make sure you don’t sell everything, only trade the excess or unused amount.


The final and passive method of making gold in the Farthest Frontier has to be Tax Collection. Every society in the world has to pay taxes, and your city in Farthest Frontier will be no exception. You receive tax revenue (in the form of gold) from many different buildings in your city.

There will come a time when you will start taxing your people. The game allows you to tax houses, luxury goods, pubs, markets, etc. It should be noted that the houses cannot be taxed immediately. You won’t start making money from houses until you upgrade them to a homestead.

In order to upgrade them to a homestead, you must have a sufficient supply of food and herbs for the houses. You must also have a water fountain nearby and have your town center upgraded to Tier 2. After fulfilling all these requirements, the houses can be upgraded to homesteads and you will start charging them taxes.

You can also tax entertainment venues, gardens, hospitals and some other in-game services. The best tax revenues come from markets. The markets you set up near houses are where you earn the most gold from taxes. However, these numbers will still not be as large as what the gold mine will churn out.

Nevertheless, it is good if stable tax income is coming your way, because this is how the gold reserves continue to grow.

What to do with the gold?

furthest limit that issues gold
Gold editions in Farthest Frontier

Earning gold is important in The Farthest Frontier because you can use it to buy items that will help your town advance. The gold you earn using the previously mentioned methods is kept safe in the game. However, there is a high probability that attackers will attack your city to steal gold and other goods.

Therefore, it is important that you train your soldiers and build watchtowers around your city to ensure maximum security. These watchtowers will cost you gold from time to time for maintenance and soldier training.

You will also have your gold spent on other services and entertainment. These include the Theater, which costs you 20 gold each month, the Pied Piper costs 8 gold/month, and the Healer’s House costs 30 gold/month.

Finally, you’ll spend your gold on the trading post as well. We already mentioned that the Trade Center would allow you to earn gold by selling goods. In the same way, you can also spend gold to buy different goods and resources. There are some resources like the ‘Heavy Tools’ which are an important buy in the trading center.

So those were some places where you will spend gold in Farthest Frontier.

Overview of the farthest frontier

Farthest Frontier Game Info
Overview of Farthest Frontier

Farthest Frontier offers a great city building experience. You will conquer open, barren land and start your journey from scratch. The game allows players to harvest tons of materials. Use multiple methods to harvest materials such as rocks, wood, crops, metal ores, honey, and wild herbs.

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When creating a world, the player can choose from a variety of terrain/map types. These include; Arid highlands, alpine valleys, lowland lakes and plains. Each of these card types offers different benefits.

After starting the game, you are also responsible for growing food for your town. The game offers the player the opportunity to grow 17 different types of food including fish, feed etc. Apart from that, you will also manage the farming sector of your town.

Farthest Frontier offers 50 types of buildings that can be constructed, and these buildings will increase your city’s productivity. You will also set up gold digging posts to mine for gold in Farthest Frontier. The population will continue to grow as your city grows.

Besides all these things, the player is responsible for fighting diseases and viruses in the population. You will also be responsible for training your troops to protect your city from outside threats.

Farthest Frontier offers a detailed city-building experience that is easily among the best in its respective genre. The combat and war element in the game adds another challenge to the classic simulation players.

You can even watch individuals carry out their quests as the day-to-day life of your town rolls by, adding a therapeutic and calming element to the game.

Now that you’re familiar with the basics of the game, let’s dive into how to make gold in Farthest Frontier.

There you have it! We hope that while reading our guide on how to make gold in Farthest Frontier you have learned many important points. Get to work now; Your city needs you!

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