Amid all the debate about how Formula 1 has gotten boring lately and one team tends to dominate most of the time, former driver Karun Chandhok has proposed an interesting idea. The 39-year-old’s comments come a day after Max Verstappen helped Red Bull win their fifth straight race of the 2023 season.

With F1 racing seeing limited action in recent years, Chandhok has proposed adding a new rule requiring all drivers to use all three tire compounds. From today’s point of view, all drivers have to use two different tire compounds in a dry race, this rule does not apply in a wet race.

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If Chandhok’s suggestion goes ahead, F1 racing could become more interesting as it means different teams can use different strategies. As a result, such a rule would require team strategists to be on the alert at all times to ensure their drivers have the best chance of achieving the best result for the team.

F1 fans react to Karun Chandhok’s proposal

Several fans, such as burning agreed with Karun Chandhok in noting that three tires are mandatory for a a great idea‘. They believe that such a rule will help F1 ‘more of a team sport than an individual sport,’ whereby the teams have to use different tactics.

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Meanwhile, some other fans, such as andy suggested F1 to get back the old days of refueling as this ‘really shake up strategy‘.

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And then there were some fans, such as Ambar, who had reservations about Chandhok’s idea. They believe that even if teams had to use all three different tire compounds, the dominant teams would still ‘find a way around it‘.

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Given the varied opinions fans have on this idea, it’s fair to say that making the sport more interesting isn’t an easy decision to make.

Red Bull sees itself far ahead of the competition in 2023

Red Bull had an absolutely dominant start to the 2023 F1 season, winning all five races. Reigning champion Max Verstappen has won three of them (Bahrain, Australia, Miami) while his teammate Sergio Perez has won the other two (Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan).

Consequently, with such a start, Milton Keynes’ team has a huge lead in the Constructors’ Championship. They currently have 224 points and a whopping 122 points ahead of second-placed Aston Martin. Considering how the season has gone so far, it’s fair to say that Red Bull is the team to beat this season.


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