Fans are looking to Netflix to save ‘Charmed’ after the CW cancellation

Charmed fans are applying to Netflix to save the show

Charmed – Image: The CW

Fascinated was recently canceled on The CW along with a number of other shows from the network. Many of the cancellations came as a surprise, especially given that many fell through in Netflix US’s overall deal with the network. Following the cancellation, fans have campaigned on networks, including Netflix, to save the show.

Given Netflix’s connection to Fascinated (it carries the show in the United States), it’s a natural target for campaigns to save it. The show is coming to Netflix US as part of a legacy agreement with The CW, which sold all of its scripted TV slates to Netflix US following its season finale.

Despite a very rocky start, the show arguably got on its way, and while it never quite reached the heights of the original show, which aired between 1998 and 2006 (and sadly no longer on Netflix), it still had a small but engaging streak fanbase.

The stars of the show include Melonie Diaz, Sarah Jeffery, Rupert Evans, Madeleine Mantock and Poppy Drayton.

Fascinated was one of The CW’s many cancellations this year, many of which are part of the aforementioned legacy deal with Netflix. Actually only The Lightning, all americans, and Riverdale goes into the 22/23 season.

As of now, Netflix Season 4 will be received by Fascinated Mid to late June 2022. It would then lose the show in 2027. Fascinated never came to Netflix outside of the United States.

One of the fans lobbying for the show to be picked up by Netflix walks past the appropriately named handle.SaveCharmed‘ on Twitter, set up the petition to save the show, and told us why she thinks Netflix should revive the show:

“We’ve seen a decline in supernatural shows lately, despite an ongoing interest in them. Because of this, Netflix could likely benefit greatly from including this popular show. Charmed is also very popular and often trending on Netflix. Charmed is a constantly evolving show and many would agree that season four is one of the best seasons yet. Charmed needs to be saved because it’s an important show that saved and changed the lives of so many people.”

Will save Netflix Fascinated?

As we have covered for fan campaigns aimed at saving people like legacies and Legends of TomorrowThese shows face an uphill battle.

In our view, Netflix revivals are now a rarity (Manifest was the last major show to be revived) and hence the likelihood of it Fascinated A Netflix revival seems highly unlikely.

If the show takes place in the United States, we could see Netflix license the show internationally to decide whether to give the show another shot, but in reality it’s all very unlikely.

Want to see Charmed save for a fifth season on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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