Famous Minecraft YouTuber TommyInnit’s prank with MrBeast goes awry, leaving the millionaire upset

Famous Minecraft content creator Thomas Simons aka TommyInnit shared how he once pulled a prank MrBeast which didn’t go as planned and left MrBeast in a very angry mood. The prank even got MrBeast to say that he might never “film” with TommyInnit again.

Eighteen-year-old eccentric Minecraft superstar TommytInnit is one of the biggest names in the community. Known for his witty, loud and childish humor, Tommy made a name for himself from a young age. In the past he has worked with Dream, TechnoBlade and other prominent online personalities. However, his shenanigans have scattered some of the other influencers and some as well possibly also MrBeast.

MrBeast was once upset with TommyInnit on one of his busiest days


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Last year, the king of YouTube, Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast, opened his first physical Beast Burger store at American Dream Mall. To mark the occasion, he invited his fans to visit the venue and did a brief meet and greet afterwards. Tommy who was close to the place was also invited by him to come to the place and try his burger.

But he didn’t know what plans Tommy had in mind. Tommy came to the spot and saw the large crowd that was there to try the burger. It was there that he had a devilish idea: he was thinking of doing something no YouTuber had ever done; Prank MrBeast!

He asked Jimmy to give him a burger and after trying it Tommy said: “Yes it’s OK” with an unimpressed expression. Jimmy was clearly upset by his reaction. He said, “That guy… if you don’t say this tastes amazing, you’re an idiot.” Their interaction went like this:

“It’s very cheesy” (Tommy)

“Like Your Content” (Beast)

“Like your mother!” (Tommy)

“From today I will never film with Tommy again” (Beast)


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about 20 hours ago


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Watch the clip:

However, the whole interaction was very lighthearted. Although Beast said he might never work with Tommy again, that was also part of the joke when Tommy appeared in Beast’s later videos. Especially in the huge Minecraft challenges he hosts on his second channel called MrBeast Gaming.


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What do you think of Tommy’s prank on Jimmy? Do you find Beast Burger too cheesy? Let us know in the comments below!


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