In Fallout 76, the backpack is a utility item that allows the player to carry extra weight. It comes in two standard sizes, small and large, bringing the total carry weight to 60. Backpacks were introduced in 2019 during the Ever Upward patch, but they’ve been tweaked a few times since then.

While not uncommon, the backpack is hard to come by, especially for beginners Fallout 76 survivor. His plan can only be found in certain parts of the map and is obtained through a series of quests. To help you with that, here is an instructive guide on how to get backpacks with little to no effort.


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How to get backpacks in Fallout 76


The Standard Small Backback and Standard Large Backpack each have separate blueprints that players must get their hands on via the following missions. After getting the plans, craft the backpack on a cloth, leather, and steel armor workbench. Players can also purchase the standard backpack from the Possum vending machines for badges, but this only becomes available after the plans are unlocked.

Both the small and large backpacks are available in five different capacities determined by levels. The higher the level, the greater the capacity. When maxed out, the small version grants 30 capacity weight while the larger offers 60.

Requires crafting a small backpack at level 10 10 Cloth, 5 Leather, and 2 Steel. However, the requirements increase as the level increases and the maxed out bag is needed 27 Cloth, 18 Leather, and 19 Steel.

How to get the standard small backpack

Find them Morgantown Airport east of Vault 76 and enter the terminal. Take out the Scorched, find the key card and unlock the metal door at the top. Inside, loot the Warden’s chest, which contains the blueprint for the standard small backpack. Finally, learn the blueprint and craft it at the armor workbench.

How to get the large standard backpack

To get the standard backpack (the big bag), Complete the four quests “Kindness”, “Courage”, “Helpfulness” and “Growth” in Camp Lewis. The backpack is a reward for completing The Order of the Tadpole mission, which can be initiated by reading a Pioneer Scouts poster at train stations. How to complete the mission:

  1. Read a Pioneer Scout poster.
  2. Go to Camp Lewis and speak to Scout Leader Jaggy.
  3. Reach the rank of Possum as a Scout.
  4. Get and craft the default backpack blueprint.

How to change backpacks in Fallout 76

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Modifying a backpack means adding useful features to it in exchange for reduced capacity. To modify a backpack, interact with an armor workbench, select the backpack, and press the Modify button. Attach one of the available mods to the bag here to improve its performance.

The High performance backpack mod is the best modifier. It adds an additional 60 carry weight to backpacks, allowing them to hold heavier items.

How to change the backpack skin

First, purchase a backpack skin from the Atomic Shop. Then open the armor workbench and select “Modify” on a bag. Finally, select the purchased skin that you want to apply to the backpack and change its appearance.

Fallout 76 is available now for PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

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