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Though it didn’t set the tills on fire fall still managed to turn a decent profit and make $17 million from a frugal budget of $3 million. But Scott Mann’s high-altitude thriller has translated into another useful metric: It’s done well with Netflix viewers, which is now leading to early development of a sequel.

The film, which debuted last year, saw Shazam!‘s Grace Caroline Currey and Halloween‘s Virginia Gardner as friends who unwisely climb a 2,000-foot radio tower in the desert and get stuck there.

What follows is a tale of hotter temperatures, hotter tempers, and bad things for a vulture in particular. It will induce real vertigo, especially for those who have experienced it on the big screen.

But British production company Tea Shop has seen it find a real home for British viewers on Netflix, where it has spent some time as the second most watched film (behind Luther: The Fallen Sun). “We’ve been pleasantly surprised at how responsive everyone is,” says company co-founder James Harris meeting. “This is one of those movies where word of mouth really helps.” Especially since Netflix effectively acquired it and pushed it onto its servers without fanfare.

“We have a few ideas that we’re kicking around with,” Harris adds. “We don’t want to make anything that feels like a copycat or anything less than the first.” The goal is to begin a follow-up later this year. May we suggest Case 2: Vulture’s Revengewith the family of the bird from the original movie?


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